Shanghai traffic reform has achieved remarkable results in half a year, and traffic accidents have f-ssdao

Shanghai traffic regulation half effect of road traffic accidents fell nearly 3 violations of road traffic of Shanghai large campaigns since March this year the bottom has been for half a year. Reporters learned yesterday from the public security traffic police department, for six months, the city daily congestion alarm, illegal parking alarm were reduced by 0.69%, 5.15%, the effect of large remediation has been apparent. According to statistics, traffic regulation to carry out the past 6 months, the city’s total road traffic accidents to the general procedures applicable to processing a total of 381 cases, the death of 362 people, injured 125 people, the number of accidents, deaths and injuries, compared with the same period last year decreased by 27.84%, 15.22% and 48.77% respectively. Since March, the average daily congestion alarm and illegal parking alarm have been reduced by 0.69% and 5.15% respectively. The public opinion survey of the Municipal Bureau of statistics showed that more than 90% of the respondents supported the traffic regulation. City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps captain Xing Peiyi said, half down, has achieved significant success, prominent violations of road traffic significantly reduced, road traffic order and appearance improved significantly, and gradually optimize the road traffic infrastructure, law-abiding consciousness and traffic civilization degree of the masses of the people to get a new upgrade, road traffic capacity improve traffic remediation has achieved good social effect and legal effect. Traffic regulation is not a gust of wind? This has always been a concern for all of us. In this regard, Xing Peiyi said: "traffic regulation has no time limit, only start, not end, until the rules, the atmosphere really stand up, tree up."." According to the traffic police department, traffic during the renovation, its main road in the city on both sides of the edge painted yellow line, in order to "violate the ban marking" severely punish illegal parking behavior, the effect is very good. In order to ensure the priority of public transport, the police strictly enforce the law of social vehicles entering the bus lane illegally, and the speed of the bus lane has been increased by 10%. At the same time, new technologies and new methods to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement by the police department also increase efforts to promote, for not wearing a seat belt, driving a mobile phone "is different from" red light "and other serious violations of the" illegal ", although the evidence more difficult, but the technology has been successfully achieved through the use of electronic means the police investigation". At present, the police also successfully using sonar technology combined with artificial way of law enforcement and illegal unit. Next, Shanghai will launch the "Shanghai traffic police" APP, integrated with "illegal payment", "illegal reporting" and other "palm" function". In addition, the "Shanghai road traffic regulations", which is known as "the most stringent regulation in the history of Shanghai", is also in the process of revision. In addition, in accordance with the "police follow the police situation" arrangement, accurately guide the police to carry out law enforcement management. Traffic police set up more than 3400 traffic auxiliary police team in the city, and established a unified and standardized traffic auxiliary police management system. At present, the traffic auxiliary police in the city more than 1100 junctions and related sections gradually assume the command of traffic, dredging congestion and auxiliary law enforcement responsibilities. The black man was arrested by the police when he was hit by a traffic accident. His surrender was still doomed. The ending was his own view (this video was for extension)

申城交通大整治半年显成效 道路交通事故下降近3成 上海道路交通违法行为大整治行动自今年3月底至今已经整整半年。记者昨天从公安交警部门了解到,半年来,全市日均拥堵报警、举报违法停车报警分别减少0.69%、5.15%,大整治成效已有所显现。据统计,交通大整治开展近6个月,全市共发生适用一般程序处理的道路交通事故共计381起,死亡362人,受伤125人,事故起数、死亡人数、受伤人数,与去年同期相比分别下降27.84%、15.22%、48.77%。3月份以来,全市日均拥堵报警、举报违法停车报警分别减少0.69%、5.15%。市统计局民意调查显示,九成以上受访群众支持交通大整治。市公安局交警总队总队长邢培毅表示,半年下来,已经取得了明显的阶段性成效,全市突出道路交通违法行为明显减少,道路交通秩序和面貌明显改观,道路交通基础设施逐步优化,市民群众的守法意识和文明交通程度得到新的提升,道路通行能力有所提高,交通大整治取得了良好的社会效果和法律效果。交通大整治是不是一阵风?这一直是大家关心的问题。对此,邢培毅表示:“交通大整治没有时间界限,只有开始,没有结束,直至把规矩、风气真正立起来、树起来。”据交警部门介绍,交通大整治期间,其在全市部分主干道两侧边缘漆划黄线,以“违反禁令标线”从严处罚违法停车行为,效果很好。为了确保公交优先,警方对违法进入公交专用车道的社会车辆进行严格执法,目前公交专用车道的速度已经提升了10%。同时,交警部门还在借助新技术新手段提升执法效能方面加大推进力度,对于“不系安全带”、“开车打手机”等区别于“闯红灯”等严重违法的“小违法”,虽然取证比较难,但其通过科技化手段已经顺利实现利用“电子警察”查处。目前,交警还实验成功利用声纳技术加上人工执法方式查处违法鸣号。下一步,申城将推出“上海交警”APP,集成了“违法缴款”、“违法举报”等多种“掌上功能”。此外,被誉为“上海史上最严交规”的《上海市道路交通管理条例》也在修订过程中。此外,按照“警力跟着警情走”安排,精确引导民警开展执法管理。交警在全市组建了3400余人的交通辅警队伍,并建立统一、规范的交通辅警管理制度。目前,交通辅警已经在全市1100余个路口和相关路段逐步承担起指挥交通、疏导拥堵和辅助执法等工作职责。 黑人男子交通肇事被警察拦下,举手投降依然难逃厄运,结局自己看 (此视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: