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  traffic accident occurred in Shaanxi Shenmu county; 6 people died – Society – Beijing on 13 February, 12 in the morning, Shaanxi Shenmu Yulin yinpu rain and snow, low visibility, slippery road. About 8:30 in the morning, Shaanxi city of Yulin province Shenmu God Road Liu Jia Mao near the gas station traffic accident. A heavy tank semi-trailer with a "golden cup" brand car collided, killing 7 people were injured, 6 of them from serious injuries after she died. According to the Shenmu county government official website informed that after the accident, Shenmu county government immediately organized public security, traffic police, health and other related departments to carry out rescue and rehabilitation disposal. Yulin municipal Party committee, municipal government received a report of the county, Shenmu county asked to treat the injured, properly dispose of the aftermath. Yulin City Vice Mayor Li Wenming to lead the relevant departments rushed to guide the disposal of Shenmu county. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. Shenmu county government has issued an emergency notice requirements, to further strengthen the county towns do, road traffic safety management of the relevant units, and do the work of traffic safety under the rain and snow. 陕西神木县发生交通事故 6人抢救无效死亡–社会–人民网 人民网北京2月13日电 12日早晨,陕西榆林神木县因普降雨夹雪,能见度低,路面湿滑。上午8时30分左右,陕西省榆林市神木县神盘路刘家峁加油站附近发生一起交通事故。一辆重型罐式半挂车与一辆“金杯”牌私家车相撞,造成7人受伤,其中6人因伤势过重经抢救无效死亡。 据神木县政府官网通报,事故发生后,神木县委、县政府立即组织公安、交警、卫生等相关部门展开伤员救治和善后处置工作。榆林市委、市政府接到该县报告后,要求神木县全力救治受伤人员,妥善处置善后事宜。榆林市副市长李文明带领相关部门赶赴神木县指导处置工作。 目前,事故原因正在调查中。神木县政府已下发紧急通知,要求各镇办、各有关单位进一步加强全县道路交通安全管理,切实做好雨雪天气下的交通安全工作。相关的主题文章: