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Schools around the hot strip of 50 Fen snacks do not hurt the tip of the tongue on the childhood of a pack of spicy article, do you think such things can eat it? General parents know that this kind of small snacks on the child’s growth is harmful, usually do not let the child eat. However, the Herald reporter visited found that these small snacks are selling products around the school, is the eyes of the children of the "delicacy". On time, many children are not directly into the school or home directly, but went into the shop, holding a bag of snacks. The phenomenon of hot strip boxes placed next to the school children eat happily recently, the Herald reporter visited the island and six schools, five schools in a prominent location near, are found to have small snacks "haunt". According to the reflection of the parents, the Herald reporter first visited Kangle erxiao, found that many shops stood a small table in front of the door next to the school, put a pile of lure children’s small snacks. There is a convenience store next to the school, next to a custodian, in the afternoon to school time, many students from the custodian, but not directly into the school, but went into the convenience store, carrying out snacks. The Herald reporter into the store to see the store, a dozen square meters, which is filled with a variety of goods shelves, cashier, there are also spicy and popcorn, alongside a bubble duck duck wing plastic box. Of particular concern is that the door on the floor of the five boxes placed inside the box scattered several brands of spicy article, a question, this box of snacks as long as all the only 50 fen! There are students squatting on the side of the election after a few packets of spicy article left. The Herald reporter to buy a few packs of hot strip, tearing a smell, a strong smell, should be added a lot of spices, it smells very attractive. Why do you want to eat these things, a student’s response is, "these things delicious". Subsequently, the Herald reporter in Xiangan Foreign Language School Affiliated School found near, there is a stationery shop put a stall at the door, selling grilled sausage, fried tofu and homemade ice cream, one after another student here, took out two or three pieces of money to eat. More than 1 yesterday afternoon, the Herald reporter found in Lian Yue primary school two nearby grocery store, the store is also filled with spicy and small snacks, as well as businesses in the door stood a Malatang, but the surrounding streets are not clean, health conditions are not good. At the school gate next to a sugar stall, there are a lot of students together, including children with ice cream eating while watching, the ice cream is next to the stalls selling. The six door Dongdu is lively, at noon after school, many students have lunch at the school gate, most children first walked into a convenience store, grocery store, out of hand holding a bag of snacks, which are spicy, pickled food and a variety of potato chips. 3 pm, in the wo mountain middle school doorway, there is a canteen placed two meters long in front of the snack stalls, the children still at school, booth with a piece of cloth, opened a look, found that there are cheap snacks, in accordance with the "scale", apparently in these things here is also very hot. Do not let the children do not have the money to buy the surrounding shops to sell the parents Ms. Chen: I have to do the cake and other snacks to eat at home, do not let her go out to buy those messy snacks. Let the child do not greedy, mainly to;相关的主题文章: