Rim acquisition of MITSUBISHI Nissan weekly confidential Apple abandon Sohu automobile repairer magicq

"Rim" acquisition of MITSUBISHI Nissan weekly confidential Apple abandon – Sohu automobile car repairer [produced] no secret to the weekly every Monday "confidential", which concern the things happen again this week, domestic and foreign automobile circle? For example: Nissan MITSUBISHI acquired 34% stake to $2 billion 300 million, become the largest shareholder of MITSUBISHI; auspicious new high-end brand name "Ling Ke", a compact SUV concept car unveiled; cooperation between TOYOTA and SUZUKI, the main field of new energy; Thailand etc.. Let’s say it one by one. According to foreign media reports, Apple has modified the electric vehicle Project Titan (Titan project) short-term plan, temporarily abandoned the car development. Apple has slashed its plans and cut hundreds of people. Apple has about 1000 people, but in recent months hundreds of people have been rescheduled, dismissed or resigned. The new leadership of Apple automobile project will focus on the development of the automatic driving system, so that the apple in cooperation with the existing automobile manufacturers, or the future restoration design flexibility of own brand car. Another source said Apple executives asked the car team to prove the feasibility of the autopilot system by the end of next year, and then decided the final direction. The evening of October 20th, Nissan officially announced the successful acquisition of 34% stake in MITSUBISHI, becoming its largest shareholder. With the addition of MITSUBISHI, Renault Nissan Alliance 2016 car sales will reach 10 million units, qualify for the list of the world’s top three auto group. At the same time, Nissan president and CEO Carlos · Ghosn has also been confirmed as chairman of Mitsubishi Motor Co and was elected chairman of the board of directors of MITSUBISHI. In May, Renault Nissan alliance signed a basic agreement with MITSUBISHI. But in the past few months, the acquisition of the road is not smooth, including the emergence of MITSUBISHI continues to be investigated as well as the expected loss of expansion and other unfavorable factors. Just recently, MITSUBISHI released the 2016 fiscal year report net profit is expected to be expected to expand the amount of losses from the previous forecast of 145 billion yen to 240 billion yen. However, Nissan has finally overcome the difficulties in the MITSUBISHI car revenues. In October 20th, Geely brand new high-end brand "LYNK & CO" Lingke officially released, Geely brand continue to adhere to the low-end market in the future, "LYNK & CO" brand will face the competition with the domestic joint venture brand, Volvo brand to continue in the luxury car market. This name is beautiful, beautiful font design, meaning how profound, is different. And Volkswagen C-TREK named "blue collar" almost, you can justify. Ling’s products will be based on Geely CMA modular architecture to build, the first model has been identified as a compact SUV models, tentatively named LYNK & CO 01". The new car is expected to debut next year at the Shanghai international auto show, and plans to market in 2017. The new car will be launched in the future plug-in hybrid, oil and electricity hybrid and pure electric models, and with the gasoline version of the simultaneous listing. At the same time, CM.相关的主题文章: