Rich two algebra, the message of the courtship of 4 female anchor harassment

Two rich algebra ten information desk 4 female courtship anchor harassment harassment to Zhang old Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Zhang old to the beautiful anchor because of the nine knife split apology press conference gave a burst of red eyes sweet appearance, she was a burst has recently been stealing record the small jewelry Shen Jiamin (Shen Hansheng) to live courtship, and even continue to send communications said supplements to her company, a day 10 times harassment private hearing, scared her work every day, please accompany the colleagues, except her, there are 3 anchors also suffer. According to other media reports, Shen Jiamin more than 2 months ago a private hearing request for old friends, the success of the first step, will be interviewed by serial killer LINE, bold show "love you", "I want to meet, you can go to the other, even if the woman did not respond, he will still send more than and 10 message of love one day, if the woman accidentally short back saying" thank you ", the message will be within reach of dozens of letters, let Zhang old stand it to. The victim was not only a given age, anchor Gao Guohua ex-wife Cai Yuxuan was because of business problems and Shen Jiamin met, they found each other actively invited to travel abroad together, let her heart alert, but was concerned as three harassing text messages and calls; another former main broadcast C female is believed the man claiming to talk about cooperation the reason about how to meet each other but regardless of her boyfriend, said: "do you mind and no husband outside the man date?" It is reported that the front desk anchor Zhang Yu has been harassed, but she denied it.相关的主题文章: