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The rescued crew wife accused the Taiwan authorities: never help Sohu news for advance ticket issue, Li Dawei explained that this is a problem with the division, according to emergency relief method for colleagues, because any expenditure, will be "the audit department audit, if the contractor not according to stipulations it is illegal to dereliction of duty, his colleagues did not wrong, but it does not mean there is no empathy. The hijacked by pirates Oman Ji Taiwan fishing boat crew were rescued, the Taiwan Affairs Office yesterday (26 days) said, ARATS repeatedly wrote the SEF, verify the crew information, convey the demands of the families concerned, calls for the owner to take effective measures to urge handled the rescue, but not actively cooperate. In this regard, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council on the same day, "innocence", emphasizing the SEF have conveyed land request, is the owner of limited capacity, more number of anti Lu Fang is not understand Taiwan handled the case. Shen Ruizhang wife Yang Xiuhui statement reads as follows: this time to rescue my husband in the process of a key behind the scenes, because he is very special identity, he has not allowed me to mention his name. But now my husband is back, I must thank him. It is in the background that he has been silent command and arrange rescue operations, my husband can go home. In 2014, her husband has been pirates scratching for 2 years, our family has been seeking in the past two years (the Taiwan authorities) the help of the government, but the government told us that they cannot intervene, also can’t help, the ship owner is more hateful, he said nothing to them, it is a foreign ship, you go to a foreigner. But when the owner is Hong Kaohsiung, he drink hot in Kaohsiung is very popular, so treat for us, just as we have in despair, the 2014 New Year’s day, we received a phone call, and NAHAM3 said, let us go to his office immediately. We entered Mr. Li’s office, I saw the whole office is NAHAM3, the full picture, Mr. Li told me who he was, and said 5 days ago his Beijing friend told him the case, I hope the two sides through cooperation, to save the crew. He said it took him 3 days to read all the information and he felt hopeful that he would talk to our families. I asked Mr. Lee for real hope, because our family felt hopeless. He said, depending on two conditions, the first is patience, and the second is Shen Ruizhang’s physical condition can wait until the day of salvation. I asked him again, but our government is not willing to help, how to do, he said, he would try to persuade the government to help, especially Cai Zhengyuan "legislator" is very enthusiastic, has offered to help, the case can be resolved through cross-strait cooperation. He told me that the problem is that the government of Taiwan (authorities) see the regulations, see the ship is hanging on (the) flag, but mainland China see 9 survivors Chinese citizens living in Somalia (Somalia) is suffering abuse. The next two years, Mr. Lee will regularly tell our families progress, there is good news and bad news, until June of this year, he suddenly called.相关的主题文章: