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Remember, success Amoy car to help customers avoid buying a car accident car [vehicle] – Sohu turnover: Volkswagen Polo 2011 1.6 automatic version is still causing mileage: 56 thousand km transfer registration date: 2011.12 times: 1 times the new car fare: 107 thousand and 500 yuan price: 47 thousand and 600 yuan Amoy car Advisor: small mushrooms [Amoy the car needs] customer: Beijing female white-collar Ms. Miao Car Buying budget: 5-6 million: Volkswagen Polo 1.6 automatic priority shallow blue, red alternate use: novice driver to work instead with Car Buying time: 1-2 weeks on the card: Beijing [Amoy car diaries] Ms. Miao introduced by a friend, to understand the fair value "VIP Car Buying" service, so in the "fair price of second-hand Car WeChat submitted a car purchase needs, after receiving the demand for small mushrooms, Ms. Miao immediately buy the car needs to enter the public parity APP, retrieve the entire platform has 7 units to meet the requirements of the vehicle. From all 1 cars, car free 2 Taiwan, the first car network 1 Taiwan, 1 Taiwan, the car market network of 1 Taiwan, 1 sets of second-hand car Sohu. The first car: 2009 CrossPolo 1.6 manual small mushrooms respectively with these platforms made contact, after analysis, locking a second-hand car from the Sohu’s personal car source. This car is 2009 CrossPolo 1.6 tiptronic, on May 2010, the mileage of 55 thousand kilometers, the owners usually work instead, because the owners of existing children, this car is not suitable for the use of the limited space, so the need for a bigger car, car price 55 thousand yuan. In September 6th, a small mushroom with Ms. Miao and her husband a cell where the owner came to the car, to understand the condition of field. Look carefully, test. See multiple body paint, front and rear bumper replaced, interior is dirty, 4 wheels worn (nearly 7 years has never changed), other key parts had not removed. Comprehensive consideration, the car belonging to the lower, with the car market, and increasing the rate of car price 52 thousand yuan, determine the car price is low. Small mushroom to Ms. Miao couples calculations: the purchase price 52 thousand yuan, after the buy back at least to deep cleaning interior and change 4 tires to spend not less than 2000 yuan, a total of 54 thousand yuan. Therefore, the price is very low, small mushrooms are not recommended to buy a car. The second cars (customers to pick their own car): 2011 Volkswagen Polo 1.6 automatic to cool version in September 7th, Ms. Miao in Linghai second-hand car market saw a red 2011 Volkswagen Polo 1.6 automatic to cool version, mileage of 76 thousand kilometers, the new invoice price of 117 thousand yuan. Car dealers asking price 69 thousand yuan. Ms. Miao felt the car surface is very new, very clean interior, the overall feeling is good. Because Ms. Miao do not understand second-hand car, always worried about being cheated, a相关的主题文章: