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Relatives and friends tour across the region Qiaodao safe burglary, sleep is a nest of end of the original title: friends "group" cross regional Qiaodao safe burglary, Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Hong Yiyi Chen Weibin) recently, Meizhou, Wuhua two public security authorities mobilized more than 20 police officers in Jiangxi, a hotel in Ganzhou, will still be 4 suspects sleep arrested, successfully destroyed a cross regional crime gang, Meizhou, Heyuan and Jiangxi cracked Guangdong Ganzhou province two more burglaries occurred in 18 cases. May 27th 8 am, Wuhua County Public Security Bureau police station kiosk received 110 police intelligence: Shuizhai Town Industrial Park, a company from financial department door is damaged, a safe was open. Verified by the company, safe deposit only documents, no cash and other items stolen. August 5th at 3 pm, turn the water town of a motor company called the police, 2 thieves entered the factory is behind the financial room theft-proof process, security was found after discarding the crowbar and fled the scene. Due to the lack of clues at the scene, the public security organs slow progress in the investigation. In October, the Meizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau police investigation integration of various resources, the implementation of "city and county, level three handling mechanism, and vigorously promote the synthesis of combat. And through the case investigation, found that these cases occurred in Pingyuan, Jiaoling, Xingning and other counties of similar burglaries have common crime suspects, initially locked Wu Mouguo (male, 28 years old), to a country (male, 27 years old), to a (male, 33 years old, Andrew are Guizhou) 3 suspects. November 8th, the joint investigation team to obtain clues, Wu Mouguo and other 3 people fled to Jiangxi, Ganzhou crime, and on the morning of the day in a factory theft. Police immediately drove to Ganzhou in Xinfeng, to assist the local public security organs, arrested 4 suspects in a hotel, found helmets, masks, gloves, screwdriver, crowbar and other tools for committing crimes. After the interrogation, the gang of friends and relatives, to a brother, Andrew to some country cell, Wu mouguo system to a 2 Andrew cousins, Kang mouhui is the wife of a cousin to andrew. This year, they ride a motorcycle fled in Guangdong Meizhou, Heyuan, Jiangxi, Ganzhou and other places, the crime target is safe in the factory. Every reach a place, or find a cheap hotel stay, then driving a motorcycle around the search target and on-the-spot investigation. They usually choose at two or three in the morning the night, wearing helmets, masks, gloves and other factories to start, some responsible for outside leaked, some for burglary for electronic products to steal cash safe and easy to carry portable, expensive. After investigation, the gang has committed 18 crimes this year, with the highest amount of cases of up to more than 12 yuan. Currently, the 4 suspects have been detained in Wuhua County Public Security organs. Editor: GDN001相关的主题文章: