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The railway police arrested a suspected fraud 150 million to take the high-speed rail network in the new woman – run Xinhua news agency in Wuhan on October 23rd news (reporter Liang Jianqiang) a woman suspected of fraud 150 million yuan, to train ride to escape, Wuhan railway police after receiving the alarm, the suspects arrested. October 23rd, Wuhan railway police from Guiyang Railway Police Department was informed that the suspect has been handed over to the public security organs. According to the Wuhan Railway Public Security Bureau, the 16 day at 14:30 PM, G1524 high-speed rail train ride from Wuhan to the north of the Guiyang marshals Guiyang Railway Police Department received a turn to the alarm: Guiyang City Public Security Bureau investigation found a suspected fraud in the local criminal suspects is the G1524 train ride to escape, the amount of money involved may be as high as 150 million yuan. After receiving the report, police immediately carry out the investigation and control work, to train the suspicious object by questioning, when he search to patrol the train car 3, found a woman looked flustered, see the police got up to leave the seat, police immediately stepped forward to ask, and its control. Subsequently, the Wuhan railway police handed over suspects to Guiyang railway police.相关的主题文章: