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Home-Improvement You have recently redesigned your home and got some nice modern furniture to go with the interiors of your home. Not only this, but you have also selected the most appropriate ceiling fan with the perfect color and design that goes well with the theme and the interiors of the room. And now it is only the installation of the ceiling fan is remaining then, here are the useful steps for installing your stylish ceiling fan within no time. First of all you need to have some handy tools for installing the designer ceiling fan. You need to have necessary tools such as screwdriver, wire tester, pliers, wire cutters, and a ladder. For personal protection of your eyes, nose and face you also need to have goggles and a mask. Once you have all these tools ready you can now begin with the real process of fan installation. A proper availability of tools will enable you to do work much more quickly as you dont have to rush to get the certain required tools every now and then. Secondly, before .mencing the actual installation of the ceiling fan, go through the instruction manual thoroughly. Generally, a ceiling fan is attached with the existing wiring that is there on the roof either for light fixtures or fan fixtures. Once you find the wiring, make sure that the electric current is switched off and no one turns it on till the wiring is done. However, if you find this a difficult task then you must always consult a professional. Remember the old tailors golden rule! It is measure twice and cut once. This rule applies to the process of installing a contemporary stylish ceiling fan as well. Since the electric power is already switched off you can remove the existing light fixture, if there are any, and cut a hole as per the size of the ceiling fan. However, while making the hole, make sure that you measure it properly as per your fan otherwise the big hole will look ugly and mar the appearance of your ceiling and the fan hanging on it. So measures the length of the hole twice and only then make the hole with the screwdriver. Now .es a bit difficult part and you need to do it very carefully. It is the installation of the new electrical box. This box .es along with the newly bought ceiling fan. Firstly, glue the ceiling medallion then attach the ceiling plate with the help of screws. Be very specific while fixing the screws and make sure that the screws are tightly fixed on the plate. Loose screws will mostly result into the chirping noise when the fan is turned on and I am no we all hate that irritating sound! Assembling the stylish fan is certainly the easiest thing to do as the assembling manual mentions the step by step procedure of doing so. Nevertheless, it is better to be careful while doing this too. Assemble all the .ponents of the fan and the fan blades properly. Just check if the blades are fixed tightly to the center of the fan. Now take the ladder and carry the fan carefully with you up the ladder to the ceiling. Mount your favorite ceiling fan to the ceiling with utmost care and screw it properly to the roof. In case if you have light fixtures on the fan then you can do that fixing also right now. This is it! Just turn on the electricity and turn on the fan and enjoy the cool refreshing breeze that your designer ceiling fan throws back in the entire room. However, if any problem occurs in doing so then please consult a professional. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: