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Key Aspects Of Mobile Application Testing By: QATestLab | Jun 11th 2013 – Mobile application testing is one of the most popular types of software testing. Software testing .pany offers mobile application testing services to simplify the testing needs of application developers and service providers. Tags: Mobile Testing Overview: What Is A Client Application And How To Test It? By: QATestLab | Dec 11th 2012 – In our dynamically developing world, mobile technologies undergo serious changes: they are more and more .plicated. Correspondingly, the mobile software developers try to improve your product to the greatest possible extent. Tags: Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Software .ponents By: QATestLab | Nov 27th 2012 – A good software testing .pany conducts unit testing on a regular basis. This testing type constitutes the basis of software testing process. Tags: How To Load-test Web Application By: QATestLab | Nov 16th 2012 – Load testing of web applications is designed to determine the maximum power of applications, to identify vulnerabilities that can reduce the maximum capacity level of the application. The main purpose of stress testing is to determine the behavior of web applications in normal conditions and under expected peak load. Tags: Configuration And .patibility Activities In Software Testing .pany By: QATestLab | Oct 16th 2012 – The purpose of configuration and .patibility test cases is to evaluate .plete functionality from a high level for most features and from a lower level for any feature, which can cause errors. Tags: Test Planning For Web Applications By: QATestLab | Oct 4th 2012 – Test planning for web applications is like traditional application testing , because careful planning is always very important for effective management. Test planning is a .plex process that is influenced by many factors such as the development plan, financial and resource potential of the .pany, quality ri … Tags: Software Testing Tips: How To Plan Automated Testing? By: QATestLab | Sep 24th 2012 – If you consider planning your automated testing, it should be a long-term one, including several issues that have to be thought over and a work perspective: Tags: Planning For Automation Testing By: QATestLab | Aug 27th 2012 – The process of automated testing requires accurate planning. An efficient automation plan provides for looking and analyzing ahead. Tags: Preventing Of The Security Issues By: QATestLab | Jul 31st 2012 – First of all a team of software testing .pany should check the suggested design of the application and architecture to identify possible security issues. Tags: Basics Of Web Testing Integrated Hierarchical Strategy By: QATestLab | Apr 3rd 2012 – We would like to describe a .prehensive strategy that integrates existing techniques of software testing and methods of reliability analyzing in the hierarchical representation. This strategy includes various models of the statistical testing in order to perform high levels verifications, as well as to control the selecti … Tags: Web Application Testing Strategy By: QATestLab | Mar 13th 2012 – In the case when testing web application or software product is performed in phases, each phase can be used to focus on a specific object, to perform specific tasks and to achieve certain goals. Various methods and techniques of software testing can be adapted and used during the testing on certain stages. Tags: Web Application Testing Techniques By: QATestLab | Mar 7th 2012 – Nowadays a lot of work in the sphere of web testing is focused on functional testing of web .ponents to make sure that the websites perform the required functions adequately. This type of testing allows to analyze Web .ponents and to check their .pliance with determined parameters and specifications. Tags: System Testing For General System Activities By: QATestLab | Feb 21st 2012 – For modern big and difficult software systems, a lot of tasks are performed to implement multiple purposes. Various testing methods can be used and integrated, and a lot of resources are involved as well. Tags: The Role Of People In Software Testing By: QATestLab | Jan 31st 2012 – Several kinds of software testing could require minimal basic knowledge of the software products. Tags: Implementation Of Software Tests By: QATestLab | Jan 24th 2012 – The key concept in software testing is a smooth transition from one test run to another. For its implementation we need to identify all necessary resources to make sure that a particular test will be launched, performed and .pleted and will not cause another problems associated with it. Tags: Activity Distribution And Integration In Quality Engineering By: QATestLab | Jan 3rd 2012 – Pre-QA quality planning can be an essential part of any project planning. For instance, in the waterfall process it is generally performed on the stage related to the specifications of the product, gathering of technical requirements and market analysis. These activities help us better understand the expectations of custome … Tags: Quality Assurance Activities And Process By: QATestLab | Dec 27th 2011 – The expected quality varies for different users and customers under various market environments. Consequently, we must move beyond the performed quality assurance activities toward the quality development by considering these quality expectations as a technical problem. Tags: Evolving Perceptions Of Quality Assurance By: QATestLab | Dec 20th 2011 – Before the production of software and information technologies had be.e widely used, quality has long been matched with physical objects or systems, such as automobiles, tools, radio receivers, television receivers and others. Due to this fact, quality assurance is often associated with the production process. Tags: Verification And Validation Activities In Software Processes By: QATestLab | Dec 6th 2011 – Binary grouping of verification versus validation activities can be the reason of classifying the quality assurance activities. Validation verifies the conformance to quality expectations of customers and users owing to the presence or absence of expected features and functions. Tags: Basic Software Testing Techniques By: QATestLab | Nov 15th 2011 – In addition to checking that it is possible to get the software to work properly, you are also making attempts to set the software up for a failure. This falsification of an application and ensuring it processes the incorrect data with the best possible method is sometimes overlooked. Some businesses don"��t pay attention t … Tags: What Are The Expectations For High-quality Software? By: QATestLab | Nov 8th 2011 – From the abstract point of view, quality is hard to define or describe in terms. It is .monly associated with some impalpable qualities that satisfy users. Tags: Non Functional System Testing By: QATestLab | Nov 1st 2011 – Performance Testing This type of testing is used to determine that the throughput requirements and response time can be met. Tags: 3 Main Ways To Conduct Performance Testing By: QATestLab | Oct 25th 2011 – There are 3 main ways to carry out performance testing: Measured testing Measured testing has the purpose of recognizing objective measurements rather than subjective ones. This means having the developers insert performance markers, watching the network packets and .munications, or observing the performance w … Tags: Main Tasks In A Job Of Software Tester By: QATestLab | Oct 19th 2011 – Undoubtedly, if you begin to work for a .pany as a junior tester, you will be not assigned to take radical decisions in testing. There is a strong likelihood that you’ll be doing someone test cases and learning a lot. Tags: Definition And Meaning Of Testing Cycles By: QATestLab | Oct 11th 2011 – Test has its lifecycle that goes through outside of the milestones. When the new feature appears in the code, it prone to be broken. There is a probability of 30 percent that fix of one software bug will cause another or not fix the bug. Tags: Using Specifications In Performance Testing By: QATestLab | Oct 4th 2011 – At the time of design stage of the software development, performance and stability need to be determined. Tags: What Makes A Good Tester? By: QATestLab | Sep 20th 2011 – A good tester conducts such main functions: Detection. A good software tester searches for defects that are in the process or the product. Verification. A good software tester can certify that it is possible to ac.plish certain tasks. Reflection. A good tester searches how defects and s … Tags: Software Tester Fouls By: QATestLab | Sep 13th 2011 – Software Tester fouls are actions that testers apparently not furthering the definitive purpose. Tags: Risk Analysis In Software Testing By: QATestLab | Aug 30th 2011 – Risk analysis is the process of recognizing those functions that are crucial to the success of the software product and those functions which have the maximum potential for failure. Tags: When Does Testing Stop? By: QATestLab | Aug 23rd 2011 – Here is a list of ways to decide when software testing stops Tags: Where Should Software Testing Start? By: QATestLab | Aug 16th 2011 – There are a lot of various ways to begin software testing. Eventually, starting will be determined by number of aspects such as testing team, the talents and abilities that each member brings to the attempt, the software cycle, and the overall plan to bring the software product to modern market. Tags: What Is The Difference Between Quality Assurance And Test? By: QATestLab | Jul 26th 2011 – It is known two main breakdowns for the profession: Quality Assurance and Test. Tags: Limitations Of Testing By: QATestLab | Jul 19th 2011 – It is very important to understand the limitations of testing. Testing does not assure success or even prove that a product will be usable. Even the most strictly conducted formal test cannot ensure that a product will be usable when released. Tags: Logging Bugs Effectively By: QATestLab | Jul 4th 2011 – Let"��s talk about the situation when you find a bug. Then you should notice what the reason of the problem was. This may sound evident, but it is the most significant detail and bears repeating. Tags: How To Interview The Tester? Watch Him In Action By: QATestLab | Jun 21st 2011 – To see your new stuff in work you should organize your samples in hiring to estimate the actual weight of the submitted resumes. Even if you conduct a telephone interview, rather than face to face, the samples will help you get a richer understanding of the opportunities of the candidate and his ability to adapt to your wor … Tags: Techniques For Software Testing By: QATestLab | Jun 14th 2011 – Nowadays we have a lot of various methods for testing. And some of them can be applied to more than one test phase. But you should remember that none of them guarantees software without bugs: each has its own strengths, costs and limitations. Tags: When Should Testing Be Automated? By: QATestLab | Jun 7th 2011 – We can hear the conversation about whether and when testing should be automated during long period of time. It is important to keep in mind that testing actually covers a number of different techniques and this question cannot be answered just yes or not. Tags: Check-list: Gui Testing Of Windows And Screens By: QATestLab | May 31st 2011 – Plan of checks of GUI application can be called a check-list. This check-list allows us not forget what we wanted and what we need to check. Tags: What Do We Need To Know To Be.e An Expert In Performance Testing? By: QATestLab | May 24th 2011 – 1. It is important to know the basics of functional testing. 2. Experience of automated testing is desirable but not mandatory. 3. Very helpful to have administration experience (knowledge of protocols, the possibility of self-tuning system, etc.). 4. One must learn to fully understand the application arch … Tags: Performance Testing – Basic Concepts By: QATestLab | May 17th 2011 – Performance testing is a separate type of testing, the object of which is the application’s performance. I.e. this kind of testing, aimed not to test, for example, the correctness of the functionality, as in functional testing, but to check the speed, to obtain information on system resources expended or parts of it under c … Tags: Bug Report: How To Write Correctly By: QATestLab | May 10th 2011 – If your bug report is efficient, chances are higher that it will get fixed. So we can say that fixing a bug depends on how effectively you report it. Reporting a bug is nothing but a skill and now we are going to talk about how to reach this skill. Tags: Regression Test Automation – Way To Survive By: QATestLab | Apr 5th 2011 – Once the application code changes it is carried out its re-testing which is also called regression testing. This is done to make sure that everything is working correctly and that the changes did not result in any new software bugs. Tags: How To Be.e A Skilled Software Tester By: QATestLab | Mar 30th 2011 – Now, more often, when the team of QA-specialists is selected, the focus (except technical knowledge) is given to human qualities of potential employees. So what qualities should have a good tester? What should a specialist do to be.e an indispensable link of the team? Tags: Project Applications That Are Easy To Test By: QATestLab | Mar 24th 2011 – In order to create quality software it is very important to test it qualitatively. But testing can be quite challenging, if your project does not provide special facilities to facilitate testing. I want to talk about it more detail in this article test. Tags: Software Testing Checklist "�" 5 Steps To Success By: QATestLab | Mar 22nd 2011 – Professional software testers have found the concept of checklist with the professional clarifications to be an excellent way of ensuring a successful testing project. Tags: Top 10 Critical Software Bugs Of 2010 Year By: QATestLab | Mar 17th 2011 – The .pany SQS (Software Quality Systems) has prepared a list of the worst software bugs of 2010 year. These failures have led to the physical, material and moral damages. Tags: Well-performing Application Is Goal Of Performance Testing By: QATestLab | Mar 15th 2011 – Task of performance testing is not just to determine the scalability of the application under load but also find bottlenecks and avoid users from distressful waiting. Tags: 5 Simple Ways To Reproduce Not Reproducible Bug By: QATestLab | Mar 13th 2011 – There are often situations in the daily work of a software tester when it is impossible to give precise instructions how to reproduce the bug for developers or other team members. Tags: Automated Testing Of Mobile Applications By: QATestLab | Feb 18th 2011 – The market of mobile applications is growing every day and even going to be.e more demanding as technologies are rapidly developing. Mobile device environment more and more sophisticated with the various factors affecting the development and testing processes. Tags: Do I Need To Test The Automated Tests? By: QATestLab | Jan 31st 2011 – Automated tests are software modules that allow to verify the behavior of the application under test for .pliance to requirements or providing enough information to carry out such verification Tags: 相关的主题文章: