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Goal-Setting When establishing your goals it is important to not set yourself up for failure. In order to achieve goals you have set for yourself they must be realistic and measurable goals. In fact the key to success in achieving goals is to possess the skills required and the ability to monitor your progress. It is therefore critical that any goal planning process takes this into consideration. Let’s look at 3 important elements that you will need to have in any goals you establish for yourself in order for you to successfully reach them. Are Goals within Your Capabilities As the saying goes don’t build your castle in the sky. You need to possess the skills or other necessary resources to achieve goals you have set for yourself. Real goals are those that you have the potential of actually accomplishing. It is great to have aspirations but be careful distinguishing between what are dreams and actual real goals you have set for yourself. They must be attainable for you to be able to realistically qualify them as goals. To set off in pursuit of any objectives outside the realm of your capabilities is an act of futility. Worse yet this futility may dissuade you from ever setting goals again. Are Goals Measurable It is best when establishing any type of goals or objectives to be able to monitor your progress. Having measurable goals allows you to see how far you have progressed and how much further you need to go to accomplish them. This also gives you a sense of direction and helps to keep you motivated. Without having measurable goals would be much like playing a game of darts in a dark room and trying to hit the bull’s-eye. Without any update or indication of your progress you would likely just give up and walk away due to frustration or lack of interest. Short vs Long Term Goals Long and short term goals involve two completely different mindsets in order for them to be reached successfully. Determination of this is necessary in the early stages for you to properly and effectively schedule your efforts. In addition your expectations of the time it will take are vital to avoid needless frustrations or anxieties that can easily sidetrack or derail your efforts. With short term goals efforts are usually more concentrated and intense as opposed to goals that take longer to achieve. Knowing what to expect up front will make all your planning so much easier. Your goals are obviously very important to you or you would not have set them in the first place. It is important however when doing any goal planning to consider if these objectives are a good fit for you. In achieving goals the key to success as we have already mentioned is establishing realistic and measurable goals. You need to possess the necessary talents and resources along with the ability to monitor your progress to successfully reach your objectives. 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