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Putin: Russia and India has embarked on technical cooperation in the field of building a uranium enrichment data figure: Russian President Putin held talks with visiting Moscow Kremlin in the original title: India’s prime minister Modi Putin: Russia and India has begun to establish a technical cooperation in the field of uranium enrichment of Russian President Putin told the Russian satellite international news agency and India Asia News Agency interview with IANS said that Russia and India to establish a technical cooperation in the field of uranium enrichment. Putin said, the energy sector plays an important role in the economic and trade cooperation between Russia and india. "The construction of Kudankulam nuclear power plant" is currently the largest long-term cooperation projects in Russia and india. In August 2016, I attended the ceremony to deliver the first nuclear power plant to Republic of India with Modi, Prime Minister of India, and soon we will put into operation second nuclear power units. The first and second units will be put into production planning to improve the energy supply in India, strengthen its energy security." Putin said: we gradually began to carry out the localization of production in India. The two sides have begun to study the construction of nuclear power plants in other places in India, and the establishment of technical cooperation in the field of uranium enrichment." Putin pointed out that the Russian Indian cooperation in the field of traditional energy is also constantly strengthened. He reminded, in June 2016 at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Russian oil company and the India Consortium on the sale of Vankor oil company to the company (Vankorneft) 23.9% of the shares signed the contract, the company is Vankor the owner of the Krasnoyarsk krai. In addition, the Russian oil company to India company sold part in East Siberia mineral development Tasmania – yuryakh exploitation of petroleum and natural gas company. Putin said that at present the two sides strive to increase the supply of high-tech products and the development of industrial cooperation, improve the structure of commodity circulation. Many famous Russian enterprises have entered the India market, such as the Russian Power Machinery Group, the Russian Gas Industry Company, Gazprom, Russia’s new construction and transportation company of Lipetsk iron and Steel Group, Ural heavy machinery manufacturing company, Sibur holding company, the Russian mining and metallurgical company, Kamaz company (something). He stressed that the two sides in the machinery manufacturing, chemical and mining industry, aviation manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, and nanotechnology and biotechnology is the implementation of some of the long-term large-scale projects. Putin also added that the ", the two countries have also continued to strengthen the momentum of financial and banking cooperation, including the Russian Foreign Trade Bank and the Russian savings bank to participate in cooperation. Obviously, the Russian business community to see the real opportunities and strong attraction of the India market ".相关的主题文章: