Provincial provident fund to add new outlets, cancel staff units stamped official seal-jinshen

Provincial fund to add new outlets to cancel the unit staff official seal (original title: provincial fund adds Changsha South outlets) September 20th Hunan daily news today, friendship road, provincial units of housing provident fund management center business department opened, providing convenience for the workers to apply for Changsha South Fund business. At this point, the provincial fund in Changsha shiziling, Friendship Road West, has 3 outlets, covering more than 3000 units, about 300000 of workers paid the deposit. Provincial fund Friendship Road business department is located in Changsha Friendship Road No. 528 Xiangcheng Hungnam million building two floor, take the Metro Line 1 to the friendship road to the station, can also choose the bus 23 road, 105 Road, 125 Road, 141 road to. The provincial fund management center layout, shiziling Hexi, friendship road 3 business outlets, is considering increasing the service outlets, convenient to handle, split window pressure. This year, the center has also continued to enhance service efficiency, in all housing provident fund extraction business, have canceled the staff units in the application form on the application of the official seal requirements. At the same time, completed the credit business process upgrade, from the previous "five levels of approval" to optimize the "three levels of approval", the personal loan business approval time from 15 working days to 6 working days. The provincial fund management center director Wang Tao introduced to the end of the 8 regulated housing provident fund 40.64 billion yuan, total accumulation of 352.22 billion yuan; total extraction of 22.75 billion yuan, 3.14 billion increase over the same period last year; for 7059 workers loans 30.46 billion in loans over the same period last year increased by 32.32%; 76080 loans accumulated to the families of workers 213.07 billion yuan, the actual overdue rate is zero, the risk of security control. (reporter Chen Ganzhang)

省直公积金再添新网点 取消职工单位加盖公章(原标题:省直公积金再添长沙城南网点)湖南日报9月20日讯 今天,省直单位住房公积金管理中心友谊路营业部开业,为长沙城南的职工就近办理公积金业务提供了便利。至此,省直公积金在长沙已有识字岭、河西、友谊路3处营业网点,覆盖3000多家缴存单位、30多万缴存职工。省直公积金友谊路营业部位于长沙市友谊路528号湘诚万兴南栋二楼,可乘坐地铁1号线至友谊路站前往,也可选择公交23路、105路、125路、141路等前往。省直公积金管理中心布局识字岭、河西、友谊路3处营业网点,就是考虑增加服务网点、方便就近办理、分流窗口压力。今年以来,该中心还持续提升服务效能,在所有住房公积金提取业务中,均取消了职工单位在提取申请表上加盖公章的要求。同时,完成了信贷业务流程升级,由以往的“五级审批”优化为“三级审批”,将个人贷款业务的审批时间从15个工作日缩短至6个工作日。省直公积金管理中心主任汪涛介绍,至8月底共归集住房公积金40.64亿元,累计归集352.22亿元;共提取22.75亿元,比去年同期增加3.14亿元;为7059户职工发放贷款30.46亿元,发放贷款比去年同期上升32.32%;累计向76080户职工发放贷款213.07亿元,实际逾期率为零,风险安全可控。(记者 陈淦璋)相关的主题文章: