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Health Autism is still a mystery, and mercury poisoning in autistic children is just one of the many things that may play a role in whether your child becomes autistic. The issue is widely debated among parents, doctors, and autism activists, because at this point, it can not be definitively attributed to causing autism. Because of the mysteriousness of autism and the fact that there are no true diagnosed causes or cures at this point, those in the medical community who support vaccinations, including mercury, deny that it plays any role, whatsoever in autism. Many vaccines contain mercury, often at levels that are high enough to cause problems in children. Because of the possible link to autism, many drug companies have created vaccinations that do not include mercury, although many others still exist that contain mercury. Most medical research studies claim that there is no link between vaccinations and autism. Some parents with children, that have autism, reveal in their own research the opposite to be true. Parents who have had their children tested for mercury levels, have obtained documents, that their child has high levels of mercury in their bodies, higher than what is "normal" or safe for a child. This is a mystery, because most children who are vaccinated naturally eliminate the poisonous mercury from their systems. Many autistic children, hold the mercury within their bodies following vaccinations, leading parents and many researchers to believe that it may cause autism. Doctors and experts claim that this is not a reason to stop your child from being vaccinated, because it happens in so few children, and seems to be more of an inherited problem. The risks of not vaccinating your child are much higher to medical professionals, leading them to believe it is worth the risk, since it is an unproven question to be solved. Autism affects approximately 1 out of every 150 children born in this country today. Amazingly, the amount of children diagnosed with autism has multiplied by 10 over the past ten years. Is this due to enhanced medical diagnosis, or, because more children are actually getting autism? It is still unclear at this point. It is interesting to note, that as the rates of vaccinations have increased over the years, so have the cases of autism. Although it is not a clear correlation, it is proof enough for many parents to decide NOT to have their children vaccinated to eliminate the fear of autism. There is proof that vaccines are to blame, according to many parents who are saying that their child had no signs of autism prior to their vaccinations. These signs are indications of lacking communication skills with others, lack of speech, difficulty reading signals or having proper reactions to stimuli, maintaining eye contact, and severe tantrums. Many parents report that their children were progressing as any child would, learning how to talk, communicate, prior to the vaccinations, but after the vaccinations, they became withdrawn and lost social skills, motor functions, and the ability to communicate. Mercury poisoning in autistic children, is just one of the many potential causes of autism. It is not medically proven, that a study of lab rats, who were given mercury in similar amounts to what children were given in vaccines, display many of the same symptoms as autistic children, leading experts to believe that it should be studied further by the medical community. Although mercury poisoning in autistic children is not the sole source for causing the rise in autism, but there appears to be a correlation, that it may be one of the factors in causing autism. Before making a decision whether to have your child vaccinated for fear that your child will be diagnosed with autism, it is an excellent idea to discuss this issue with your family physician and obtain updated research on the mercury contained in certain vaccines that would be given to your child. By taking action and doing research, networking regarding mercury poisoning in autistic children, you will have a better understanding, to make a concrete decision that is, positive for your child’s well being and yours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: