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People’s Daily: focusing on Shandong tourism "hospitable Shandong" known more done by Ji’nan on 18 September, (reporter Liu Chengyou) "hospitable Shandong", is the reputation of the. 9 years ago, the Shandong tourism brand began to promote tourism, stimulating consumption. In 2015, Shandong province received 660 million tourists abroad, ranking second in the country; the total tourism consumption exceeded 700 billion yuan, accounting for 14 of the added value of the province’s service industry. "Hospitable Shandong" is not only noisy, but also better. Shandong in recent years, efforts to improve the tourism environment, improve the tourism facilities, tourism, hospitality and create a civilized civilization atmosphere, in efforts to improve the quality of tourism services. "Everywhere is the tourism environment, everyone is a tourism image."." Yu Fenggui, director of the Tourism Development Committee of Shandong Province, seems to be thriving in free travel and self driving travel, accounting for about 90% of Shandong visitors. This kind of "global tourism" needs the management and service category beyond the scenic spots, requiring the whole region to be clean and orderly, standardized management, service standards. Good tourism environment requires good order of tourism market. Shandong intensively carried out the centralized rectification action to crack down on "black society", "black lead", "black car", forced consumption and illegal operation. Multiple cities to establish a government led, multi sectoral joint tourism complaints unified acceptance model. The first half of this year, at all levels of the tourism quality supervision and law enforcement departments received a total of 258 tourist complaints, 480 thousand yuan in economic losses for tourists; cancel 84 star hotel, rectification 5. Shandong clear, tourist attractions, gas station, large shopping malls and other 8 kinds of places of the toilet into the unified management of the tourism sector and overall provincial capital of 120 million yuan, for the tourism toilet construction awards. At the end of June this year, the province completed 23434 tourism toilets, built in 4408 tourism toilets. Good tourism environment requires multi sectoral coordination, together with force. Shandong to carry out the "civilized tourism and hospitality civilization" the theme of the activities of the organization in the province of Shandong Province, to promote the implementation of "civilized tourism 100" Shandong province "civilization hospitality 100". For comprehensive coordination, strengthen the tourism department in charge of the management and service function, the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau recently officially renamed the Committee for development of tourism in Shandong province. In the eyes of the industry, this is conducive to the construction of "comprehensive industry comprehensive grasp" of the new pattern, accelerate the construction of tourism province. In the first half of this year, Shandong completed tourism investment of 83 billion 160 million yuan, an increase of 27.2%; reception of domestic and foreign tourists 310 million passengers, an increase of 8.5%. The total annual tourism consumption is expected to exceed 800 billion yuan. People’s daily (09, 19, 2016, 09 Edition)

人民日报聚焦山东旅游:“好客山东” 叫得响更做得棒   本报济南9月18日电(记者刘成友)“好客山东”,可谓名声在外。9年前开始推广的这一山东旅游品牌形象,带火了旅游,拉动了消费。2015年,山东省接待境内外游客6.6亿人次,居全国第二位;旅游消费总额突破7000亿元,占全省服务业增加值的1 4。   “好客山东”不仅叫得响,更做得棒。山东近年来着力改善旅游环境,完善旅游设施,营造文明旅游、文明待客的氛围,在提高旅游服务质量上下功夫。   “处处都是旅游环境,人人都是旅游形象。”在山东省旅游发展委员会主任于风贵看来,散客自由行与自驾游蓬勃兴起,约占来山东游客的九成。这种“全域旅游”需要的管理和服务范畴超出了景区景点,要求整个区域做到整洁有序、管理规范、服务标准。   好的旅游环境,要求旅游市场秩序良好。山东深入开展集中整治行动,严厉打击“黑社”“黑导”“黑车”以及强迫消费、违法经营等行为。多市建立政府主导、多部门联合的旅游投诉统一受理模式。今年上半年,各级旅游质监执法部门共受理旅游投诉258件,为游客挽回经济损失48万元;取消84家饭店星级,限期整改5家。   山东明确,旅游景区、加油站、大型商场等8类场所的厕所纳入旅游部门统一管理,并统筹省级资金1.2亿元,用于旅游厕所建设奖补。截至今年6月底,全省建成旅游厕所23434座,在建旅游厕所4408座。   好的旅游环境,需要多部门协调联动、一起发力。山东在全省组织开展“文明旅游、文明待客”主题活动,推广实施《山东省文明旅游100条》《山东省文明待客100条》。为强化旅游主管部门的综合协调、管理服务职能,山东省旅游局日前正式更名为山东省旅游发展委员会。在业内人士看来,这有利于构建“综合产业综合抓”的新格局,加快推进旅游强省建设。   今年上半年,山东省完成旅游投资831.6亿元,同比增长27.2%;接待国内外游客3.1亿人次,同比增长8.5%。全年旅游消费总额预计突破8000亿元。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年09月19日 09 版)相关的主题文章: