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On how to support the maintenance of public concern about the number of adults, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: he did everything, but I was like a child." | on "provider" to hinder the communication from the adults is psychological team Tucker lecture tour in Beijing, I was one of his English translation team members. We (uh, especially I) started with his old age, always wanting to take care of him a little more. For example, when he asked "I have a very good drink" when to help him with a bottle of beverage. But he do not appreciate, even considered to his offense: I just let you help me look cool enough to drink, not to let you help me ah! He is also very strict requirements on the translation, what dialogue between the two sides said, straight over it, a superfluous words don’t speak, speak also for his offensive: how can you make a decision for me? How can you make a summary for others?…… After several times, he said, no, you are sick, you are sick. I’m going to name this nasty disease and put it in the next version of DSM. So he borrowed my name and named it "Roy ‘s Disease". Tucker Feller –   end therapist Tucker Feller he afraid of me so unhappy, privately asked me: "can you accept me like this. You say that (say duanzai)?" I told him, if you like, "said the disease plague (Roy ‘s Plague)" well. Of course we’re just kidding, but that’s exactly what I’m doing. I really do feel a hint of "disease". Reflecting on myself, I thought of another story. I have a female friend, thirty years old, in a foreign company executives, is a typical "demon", all the conditions are impeccable. She had talked about a look very good in love: two personality fit, well matched; boyfriend out of the top drawer, smart, motivated, career, emotional specificity, but her meticulous care. According to her, most of the time is "I have a little mouth, he will immediately arrange all things very well". In addition, the boyfriend did not lose her temper, the two never quarrel…… Wow, no need to go on, it’s like a fantasy couple in the movie, right? Meet countless girls dream? But my friend just doesn’t feel right. She always wants to break up with her boyfriend. But later, she figured out that it really broke up. It may be difficult for many people to understand why she broke up. Such a good boyfriend, how can you take the initiative to get rid of? Or, we may also stand in the position of the boys think, oh, good grievance, I in the end where to do is not good enough, actually get rid of?…… But, if you go back to the end of the article and use the "Roy ‘s Disease" which is named after me to think about my friend’s emotional relationship, things will get better. According to Anette相关的主题文章: