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UnCategorized First of all a bride should know how to get ready for their engagement ceremony. In this ceremony the bride should be prepared in a light colourful saree full of shining brilliance that emits her beaming inner joy to all the rest of the world to attract all people around her. The dress should be distinct from all other guests. The makeup of the bride should be done carefully i.e., eye lashes , lipstick , maskaara etc should be applied in a way that it would not give a look of over .pensation for perceived lack of ones one beauty. Before the day of wedding she should be curious of eating the right choice of diet. She should not perform risky tasks before her marriage. On the day of wedding,the red color dress is more preferable. The red color is like a cherry on the blossoms. It is overwhelmingly considered the most appropriate color for weddings. Our lovely bride should wear traditional jewelery with a touch of modern era in it. The mehendi is an important and essential feature for marriages in India, so the mehendi is a must on the hands and legs of the bride,it adds more beauty and a distinct identity to the very soon to be married. The more attractive the mehendi is,,the more beautiful the bride will appear. She needs a lot of rest before the eve of the wedding. She should stay calm and also she should try not to get frustrated with anything. Occasionally attacks of anxiety can ruin a brides mood and put her into a mental place where she may make erratic decisions, even as rash as canceling the wedding. Yoga before a month of the eve leads her to more power and thus she could handle the pressure of marriage. Now it’s time for the main function for which a bride waits for a long time. On the wedding arena she should try to .e after the groom but slowly and steadly. A fast walk on the ramp could make her get unbalanced and it could give a chance to the family members to laugh at her. Also at the wedding arena she should try not to give a big laugh but she can try to give a cute smile, It will be working very well. After the wedding is over and when the Groom takes her Bride, she should give thanks to all the relatives and friends who came in the wedding. And also try to tell the parents that how much she loved them and care for them. Now on to your new life full of love and prosperity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: