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Home-and-Family Beds are traditionally thought of as lush areas where people strive for plush luxury. The use of silks and brocades on bedding led to a more feminine bed style. From garish florals on bedding to feminine looking headboards, the bedroom and bed in particular have long been a female stronghold in decorating. After all, most men don’t care about window treatments and throw pillows, and this disinterest has led to men being left out of bedroom design in many homes. Changes in society and lifestyles has also helped to kick the men out of bed. Where people were once considered adults and married in their teenage years, many adults in modern societies are now waiting longer to join households or get married. As adult women retain full rights to their own bedrooms for longer, feminine bedroom decor has become more widespread. But once the households are to be joined, it is time to be rid of the pink florals and start letting a little "man style" into the boudoir. After all, both persons in a couple usually get some say when new mattress shopping. A mattress that feels soft to one person might be too firm for their partner, and negotiations over which mattress often commence. But the style of the headboard, duvet, and even sheets also has a significant effect on how comfortable a person is in his bed. For this reason, one must keep the man in mind when bed shopping. Many beds with headboards and footboards have a tendency toward the feminine. Even a large bed to fit a king mattress can look feminine if the lines and materials are too swirly. Consider instead going with a platform bed. Many platform beds feature simple, clean lines and modern styling that appeals to many men. Dark woods also tend toward the masculine bed spectrum. Many of the men polled are also quite fond of unique beds that offer more than just a place to sleep. There are many beds available now that are designed with men in mind. A lot of designers have begun incorporating technology into their beds. Now the bed is more than a place to hold a mattress. Specialty beds with built in televisions, video games, and other fun tech toys have become quite popular with many men. This is a great way to get a man to turn in early. Bedding style is also important for helping a man feel more comfortable in bed. Combining fabrics and colors that both partners like can make the bed a sanctuary for both. Throw pillows, lap blankets, and mix and matched pillowcases make it easy to combine elements from both genders. Stripes and florals often complement each other, as does combining feminine and masculine colors. The key is to consider what each partner likes in colors, textures, and lines. Then play with options to get the perfect look for the whole couple. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: