Ningxia agricultural machinery subsoiling farmland for the first time to break through millions of a-soojin

Ningxia agricultural subsoiling land for the first time exceeded a million mu Ningxia Channel – September 28th, 2016 Ningxia agricultural subsoiling ploughing the land and on-site training will be held in Pingluo County Drainage town. More than 10 kinds of large agricultural machinery, such as land subsoiling machine and laser grader, took turns, and demonstrated the deep plowing and soil preparation of the agricultural machinery managers and agricultural machinery giants from the counties (districts, cities) of the whole region. This year, our district will complete 1 million 295 thousand acres of arable land subsoiling (deep plowing) soil preparation work, subsoiling (deep plowing) farmland will also be the first breakthrough in one million mu. It is reported that the agricultural subsoiling tillage (deep plowing) is different from the traditional plowing machine, it is through the large horsepower tractor traction subsoiling equipment, which can effectively solve the problem of cultivated land compaction, soil shallow, water and fertilizer retention capacity are poor. The Ministry of agriculture has agricultural subsoiling (deep plowing tillage) as a major task of "13th Five-Year" in the national agricultural production, accelerate the promotion of. This year, our district will implement subsoiling (deep plowing) soil preparation work 1 million 295 thousand acres, of which subsoiling (deep plowing) 895 thousand acres of soil preparation, straw grinding deep turning back to 400 thousand acres. The central government and the autonomous region government will give out 51 million 800 thousand yuan to be used as a quota subsidy for deep plowing and deep plowing. (reporter Lu Yanhong) (Li Yanfen, Ma: commissioning editor sweet)

宁夏农机深松耕地首次突破百万亩–宁夏频道–人民网   9月28日,2016宁夏农机深松深翻土地现场培训会在平罗县渠口镇举办。培训现场,土地深松机、激光平地机等10余种大型农机轮番上阵,向来自全区各县(区、市)相关部门的管理者及农机大户演示了农机深松深翻整地作业。今年,我区将完成129.5万亩耕地的深松(深翻)整地工作,农机深松(深翻)耕地也将首次突破百万亩。   据悉,农机深松(深翻)整地作业不同于传统的机翻地,它是通过大马力拖拉机牵引深松机具,可有效解决耕地板结、耕层变浅、保水保肥能力差等问题。农业部已将农机深松(深翻)整地作业列为“十三五”农机化生产重大任务,在全国加快推广。   今年,我区将实施农机深松(深翻)整地作业129.5万亩,其中农机深松(深翻)整地89.5万亩,秸秆粉碎深翻还田40万亩。中央和自治区政府将拿出5180万元,用于全区耕地深松深翻定额补助。(记者 鲁延宏) (责编:李彦芬、马甜)相关的主题文章: