Niche Marketing Audio Course, An Interview With Stephen

  The Win In The Niche internet marketing audio course has recently been released on the Click Bank marketplace, where affiliates can earn 60% per sale they refer, or $27.12 after Click Bank fees. All promo material has been provided at . The following is an overview and review of the course. The Win in the Niche MP3 Audio Course was an interview carried out by Patrick Chan the creator of the “Chan Do It Internet Success System” with the very well known and successful internet marketer Stephen Pierce. If you have never heard of Stephen Pierce here is a little background info on him: Stephen Pierce is a Business Optimization Strategist whose highly effective interactive results coaching and consulting has made him an internationally in-demand speaker. Stephen has created a number of very profitable and successful ‘niche’ businesses. Stephen Pierce is CEO of Impulsive Profits, Inc., Innovation Marketers, LLC and owner of the Ann Arbor Thinkubator, Michigan’s most creative and innovative meeting space, where business owners travel from as far as Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom to experience the power of Pierce’s optimization strategies. Some of the questions Stephen is asked includes: 1) What can I do to make sure that the internet niche I choose can be profitable? 2) How do I reach my targeted prospect online? 3) How do I monetize the niche market that I’m in or the one that I’ve found? 4) Give me the tips for joint venture marketing strategies in a niche market 5) How to minimize the cost of advertising in niche markets? 6) Should I consider a new niche market after I have one that is making money online? 7) If I want to double my income, should I try to sell two fold the volume of a $27 ebook or should I create another high end product? Remember that Stephen Himself has made millions in niche marketing, and his approach to answering these questions include examples from his own experience. He actually gives you real life niche markets he has been able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in, even millions. One of the most interesting parts of the interview was when Stephen explains how he was able to identify and monetize a very small niche market (less than 1,000 searches a month based on statistics) and turn it into over $500,000 in revenue from this one small idea. Most people believe that you must have at least 10,000+ searches a month to be able to make a profit in a niche, however Stephen explains how this isn’t always the case… Stephen pierce also shares a strategy whereby you can “piggy back” off those already successful products in a certain niche market, and just about guarantee that you will make money WITHOUT actually competing against them. After listening to the audio (which is over one hour long) you defiantly see how niche marketing can be VERY profitable if done the correct way. Another great aspect of this audio interview is the fact that you can actually search Google for the products Stephen talks about in the interview and see his niche websites that have made him millions. This also gives you more confidence that what Stephen talks about is actually the real deal and are not just some made up stories just to get you excited about niche internet marketing. The Win in the Niche MP3 Audio Course is definitely recommended, especially for those who are interested in making an income from specialized niche markets. In fact there is also a bonus MP3 audio interview with Patrick Chan which goes for about 45 minutes called "How To Grow A Successful Online Niche Business" It really complements the Win in The Niche Audio course and gives further strategies on how to develop your own niche business. About the Author: Those who are interested in becoming an affiliate of the audio program can find promotional tools at You will get paid 60% or $27.12 per sale after Click Bank fees. Clickbank pays you every 15 days like clockwork, and it is free to join. Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Inter.-Marketing 相关的主题文章: