New volume and price down the property market Kim Gu can come to

New volume and price down the property market "Kim Gu" can come to? (real estate Tencent Liu Ying from Beijing) Beijing Municipal Construction Committee statistics, last week (2016.9.5-2016.9.11) Beijing pure new commodity housing (excluding low-income housing) a total turnover of 3750 sets, decreased slightly by 7.08%, down 7.06%. The average transaction price of 30719 yuan a square meter, still show a downward trend, a decline of 13%, an increase of 2.9%; transaction area last week, Beijing new commodity housing a total turnover of 355 thousand square meters, a decline of 2.28%, an increase of 10.07%. The property market "Kim Gu" is as promised? The first week of Kim Gu, South Fangshan is still hot. Last week (9.5-9.11) Fangshan houses 429 sets of transactions, the total turnover of 15% sets, the average transaction price of 22059 yuan to 401 square meters; Fengtai District ranks in the region of second sets of transactions, the average transaction price of 19661 yuan square meters; the concern is that although the Chaoyang area weekly turnover of only 166 units, ranked eighth, but the total turnover was as high as the price is 1 billion 982 million yuan, the most expensive transaction area TOP10. Last week (9.5-9.11) project were TOP10, commercial and residential projects to occupy half of the country, 7 commercial, 2 limited to two rooms, 1 residential. From the specific market products, in order to price between 1.5 to 25 thousand just need to type products. The largest volume in Fengtai Fu Wah Begonia (real estate information) (market information) (including two limited room), a single week turnover of 275 units, closing an area of 25765.85 square meters, the property market has become the dark horse. From the point of view of market supply, statistics show that, as the real estate market, the traditional "gold month", September 2016, Beijing and its surrounding area is expected to have 63 projects opened, rose 117%, market supply peak previews, and specific distribution from the opening of the project, Beijing surrounding area about 22 projects opened, close to the 1/3 of the total city real estate. Insiders said that the Beijing property market in August has been in short supply, in addition to the Spring Festival in February, were more than 3600 sets of pure Beijing new commercial housing turnover, showing the overall transaction price is still slightly rising trend, just need to heat gradually overflow to the outside of the rings, from this point of view, the Beijing property market "Kim Gu" is still available. Oceanwide (market information) (market information) a week to sell more than 70 thousand of the 283 million Beijing house price last week, the turnover of the TOP10 project, Haidian District accounted for 4, Chaoyang District accounted for 3, Fengtai, Dongcheng and Shijingshan division 1. Pan Hai International performance is good, with a total turnover of 283 million yuan, the average transaction price of $104917 square meters occupied the first place. The second is Luneng mansion Diaoyutai MGM (property information) (market information) project, a single week turnover of 28 sets, the average transaction price of 81645 yuan square meters, occupies second. In addition, willow college transaction price 121354 yuan square meters, become the most expensive mansion. New Fangshan.相关的主题文章: