Misappropriation of schools on behalf of the charges to finance 1 million 220 thousand loss t winpm

Misappropriation of school charges on behalf of go to finance   1 million 220 thousand losses to only 58 thousand – Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn embezzlement stock speculation and silver for crude oil, Huang Zhihui second Hukou County Finance Office Deputy Director of middle school are not proficient in this kind of financial mode, the profound lesson, more than 122 yuan in a toss after only 5.8 million yuan in the account. Huang Zhihui will not speculate, but the transfer of people to help fry. It can be said that Huang for the hands of the huge amount of public funds, misappropriated very casual. From another point of view, the unit where the financial management system Huang loose chaos." Informed sources, in court, Huang Zhihui’s lawyer on the case of the school can not shirk responsibility. For financial personnel embezzlement of financial profit in recent years, repeated in many places, when these people stand on the dock in the criminal trial of repentance, should reflect on the unit’s financial management system. The financial department deputy director Huang Zhihui had admitted that the use of public funds to finance is deputy director of the second middle school of Hukou county finance office, responsible for the generation of school fees and extra fees collection etc.. Reporters have information to show, Huang Zhihui is in the embezzlement of public funds have been unable to cover up, his initiative to uncover. In June 2, 2015, Huang Zhihui took the initiative to Hukou County second middle school leadership, the school served as the deputy director of finance office during the embezzlement of school fees on behalf of and remedial costs more than 90 yuan in stocks, futures speculation loss problem. Allegedly, that night, Hukou County, second secondary school leaders immediately to the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, Supervision Bureau leadership report, Hukou County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau in June 3, 2015 to investigate Huang Zhihui embezzlement. In June 5, 2015, Jiujiang people’s Procuratorate Cases Investigation Command Center Huang Zhihui embezzlement case, Pengze County People’s procuratorate. After that, Hukou County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau will be a case of misappropriation of public funds Huang Zhihui, transferred to the Pengze County People’s procuratorate. In June 6th of the same year, detained in Pengze County Detention Center Huang Zhihui, was under criminal detention according to law. I will not ask someone to transfer stock speculation "in March 2015 to May, Huang Zhihui was responsible for the use of fees and remedial costs the school generation collection work, will be kept in their own name related costs totaling 1 million 221 thousand and 264 yuan, for investment stocks, silver and oil etc.." Reporters saw in the verdict, Huang Zhihui embezzlement of time is very short, only about 3 months. According to Huang Zhihui, the person said, in the spring of 2015, after the opening of the second middle school in Hukou, he received a total charge of $1 million 52 thousand and 840. In May, they received a three remedial costs 476 thousand and 910 yuan, the money, the school just spending 295 thousand and 814 yuan, the remaining 1 million 233 thousand and 936 yuan in its place. After that, the seven year group leader borrowed $4700, Zhou borrowed $20 thousand." "At the beginning of March 2015, Huang Zhihui phoned to say he had a little money there, ask now speculation stocks to make money, I said fine now, but it is not guaranteed to make money. After a few days he said to give me money, and asked me to help him stock, I let him相关的主题文章: