MasterCard announced that Android pay will land in Hongkong super bass

MasterCard announced that Android Pay will be landing in the Hongkong area Sina Technology News October 28th afternoon news, payment technology company MasterCard recently announced that Android Pay will officially landed in Hongkong, china. Hongkong will also become the Third Asia Pacific region to launch this service after Singapore and australia. MasterCard is mainly with the issuing bank including DBS bank, Dah Sing Bank, Hang Seng Bank, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of East Asia Limited, cooperation, the Hongkong MasterCard cardholders to pay in the cooperative businesses and applications through Android intelligent mobile phone can. MasterCard’s recent survey of mobile phone shopping, 40% of Hongkong people use smart phones for shopping, and the number of daily use of electronic wallet is also on the rise. MasterCard President Zhong Weixian in Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan District, said: with the popularity of mobile payment in Hongkong, we are very pleased to launch the new mobile payment way, let the local consumers purchase applications in consumer cooperative businesses or through the Android Pay, can enjoy safe and convenient payment experience." Sina learned that users of Android in Hongkong through the equipment support Android 4.4 or more versions of the intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, contactless payment or payment within the application by Android Pay. In order to protect the security of the transaction, MasterCard said it will be equipped with an electronic device for each recipient token and stored in the encryption server. At the same time, every Android device will generate an electronic token only, the token will not only cover the true master card number in order to avoid information leakage, and other mobile devices will not be able to copy or use. A few days ago, Google announced a cooperation with MasterCard and Visa: Android Pay users will be allowed in support of MasterCard platform or Visa Checkout Masterpass payment. However, due to the slow progress of the Android Pay services on the issue of access to online retailers, so MasterCard Masterpass and Visa Checkout payment platform will be integrated into the early 2017 Android Pay applications. (Xu Li)相关的主题文章: