Manchester United Dynasty dream awakening Mourinho also not emboldened Ferguson ppbox

Manchester United Dynasty dream awakening Mourinho also not Ferguson emboldened Mourinho can get up to Manchester crazy sina sports in England’s top league history, winning 20 champions Manchester United, England has the highest number of top teams, the FA Cup and community shield also maintained up to the championship record. Whether it is history, appeal or business influence, Manchester United is the world’s premier club. But after Ferguson retired, no matter how much money to buy how many stars, what kind of coach, did not let Manchester United to cheer up. There are a lot of brilliant and declining teams, there is not a lot of attempts to rebuild. Some successful reconstruction, while others have yet to come back to life. Perhaps the best example of Barcelona, in the dream of two phase to dream three period transition stage, Guardiola took a completely deposed former play away before the core player Ronaldinho and Deco, Messi, Iniesta et al as the center of the construction of new team, against Barcelona in the out and out big transformation, open dynasty. Guardiola and Enrique after the completion of the reconstruction of Barcelona to go to the dream of the three dynasty and the ultimate control of the play of the decline of the. When Enrique took office set up their own defense system, Puyol, Valdez, Harvey and others have left, Enrique repaired the rambling Peake, let Busquets adapt to the new system, he appointed Suarez Rakitic and became the backbone of the team, MSN is also under him a perfect fit, Basa in 2015 and seizing three trophies not too long, quiet and reached the top of the world. Ferguson, who inherited the family heritage Barcelona after all is abundant, more attractive, also can buy the best players. Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Marshall, Bo Geba, than how good Rooney. But Manchester United’s lineup can not be said to be poor, at least on paper than Ferguson in the last season of the stronger. 2012-13 season, Ferguson led united to win the Premier League after retire after winning merit. The United squad now seems not strong, but Ferdinand and Nemanja two people in defence, a state brave Van Persie, the most important is the reign of Ferguson. Van Persie in the season, there is a shortage of the ball, but the team still stand up, and during the coaching of Van Persie, Manchester United, a direct breach of the crash. This comparison can be seen that Ferguson brings to the team is not only tactical advice, that Manchester United 26 years of strong penetration of gas and has profound like nature itself. Ferguson’s departure is not only tactical loss published in Ferguson’s 2014 autobiography, he talked about his first year in the post Ferguson era: "the pace of the game was obviously slowed down, I can find this point. But every coach has his own style. The game has always been played at a high tempo because United players are used to playing in this way. If for some reason the pace slows down, I will receive the player’s censure in the half court. I have said before that the importance of an example, Manchester United has grown to a need to pass on the scale of responsibility. Especially in the last ten years I taught)相关的主题文章: