Man killed because of emotional disputes before his girlfriend sister attempted

The man killed his ex girlfriend because of emotional disputes after the sister Dutch act Beijing attempted – reporter correspondent Hu Qiling Chang Kai text-image yesterday morning 7 am, a man and a woman quarrel in Meilan District, Haikou city red ridge road, the street will be the man with a knife woman killed, then tried to Dutch act. Meilan police and 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene and found the woman has no signs of life, the man was rushed to the hospital Dutch act attempted. It is understood that the deceased so high this year, 26 years old, Haikou people, before his death in the fraternity of the south side of the road to work in a shop Street, the location of the incident is very close to the store warehouse. According to the shop staff, usually more than 8 work, do not know why so high so early to the warehouse. The clerk said that they had never seen the assailant. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter from the Meilan police was informed that the 28 day at 7:18, Meilan Public Security Bureau received a report, the red ridge slope road murder of a door, causing 1 dead 1 injured. Meilan Public Security Bureau quickly launched the murder detection mechanism, staff rushed to the scene disposal. After investigation, the injured suspect Liu XX (male, 39 years old, Jiangxi Ganzhou people), and the previous high XX (female, 26 years old, Haikou people) sister love, two people after the emotional disputes, Liu Moumou repeatedly find the victim Moumou sister did not meet with high requirement of fruit. The incident that morning, Liu Moumou again to find a certain high when the altercation, Liu Moumou then the knife attack will kill so high, then Liu knife Dutch act on the spot. After the incident, Meilan police timely disposal area police station and 120 time Dutch act injured suspect Liu Liu to the hospital for treatment, no danger at present. The case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: