Malaysia prime minister’s visit to China with the purchase of Pro defense warships declared away fro-tataufo

Malaysia prime minister’s visit to China with the Secretary of defense Pro: the purchase of warships declared away from beauty – Sohu China military channel according to the Ministry of foreign affairs website news, should China the invitation of Premier Li Keqiang, Prime Minister Naguib of Malaysia from October 31st to November 6th of China official visit. China Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying at a regular press conference on October 31st, said: "we believe that Prime Minister Naguib’s visit will further enhance mutual strategic trust, deepen bilateral friendship, promote bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership to a new level." The value of "The Belt and Road" economy said in a written interview with Xinhua role before Naguib’s visit, China is Malaysia’s true friend and strategic partner, he is committed to promote Malaysia relations to a new height. The visit is the third official visit to China in 2009 after Naguib became Prime Minister of Malaysia, before the two visit to China in 2009 were elected as prime minister after the 40 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2014 and on a visit to Chinese ma. Naguib’s visit was earlier settled, mainly to promote the "The Belt and Road ‘cooperation in Malaysia. Cooperation needs a lot of interoperability in the future of Malaysia: trade, ports, production capacity, the new project to start a new high iron and other projects need to dock with china." Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Asia Pacific and Global Strategy Institute of Asia Pacific social and cultural studies, deputy director of the center for Southeast Asian Studies Xu Liping surging news pointed out. In the opinion of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, former political secretary, Singapore International Research Institute of Nanyang Technology University, s.rajaratnam senior research scholar Hu Yishan, Naguib’s visit is a response to Li Keqiang’s visit to Malaysia in November last year; on the other hand, in the world economic downturn, China is the only way to promote the regional economic engine of the region. "So is the former president of Philippines Duthel Te to visit Burma, Minister Aung San Suu Kyi’s visit, they are very important role in promoting economic China." Hu Yishan surging news reporter pointed out that, at present, the bilateral trade volume has been close to 100 billion U.S. dollars mark, how to be able to have a more significant development on this basis is the concern of the Malaysian side." Malaysia Asian strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) chief operating officer Huang Yingxin to the Malaysia media "Oriental Daily" said that Naguib’s visit to China, the number will also strengthen bilateral trade and enhance bilateral relations and enhance Chinese to Malaysia tourism. Oriental Daily reported that since the 2014 MH370 incident, the number of Chinese tourists to Malaysia Tourism has been greatly affected. Although the number of Chinese tourist groups last year and this year have picked up, but if you can attract more Chinese tourists to Malaysia, Malaysia will help the economy. The 20 signed a memorandum of understanding and agreement, according to Malaysia media reported Naguib will be the star network, including Beijing, Tianjin, Guan and Zhangjiakou, accompanied by members of the prime minister Mrs. rosemar? Officials Mansoor, foreign minister Anifah, several cabinet ministers, minister, and heads of relevant government departments and institutions. Malaysia media quoted the Malaysia daily "Nanyang" ambassador again.相关的主题文章: