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Best Online Business Opportunities More Money Online Starting A Home Based Business Focus Belief Motivation Focus Equals Success No Focus Equals No Success (No Exceptions) Focus – One of the most important entrepreneurial skills to master It is as simple, as it is profound.YOU MUST HAVE A TO-DO LIST.Those with To-Do list are focused and successful, and make more money.Those without To-Do list are not focused and fail.You are very unlikely to be the exception. Strangely enough, the masses of unsuccessful online business owners decide that making a daily To-Do list is just to simple and to time consuming to make a real difference, so they just dont do it.They are convinced that need to try something more complicated, because savvy entrepreneurs must do only complex and sophisticated things to be successful. Butmore often than not, money and success never come based on this thinking. Unfortunately they have confused simple withstupid! You only have to look as far as your To-Do List to see why you havent been successful, or able to make money.If you havent been successful, Ill bet you dont have a list. YOUR TO-DO LIST (OR YOUR MAKE MORE MONEY- CASH TASK LIST) Your To-Do List must be written. Your To-Do List must be Realistic and Attainable, including no more than 6 tasks. Your To-Do List must only include tasks that add to your bank account (Cash Tasks). Your To-Do List must be updated at the end of each day. NO EXCEPTIONS Try it and see.You will find out that when you make tomorrows To-Do list at the end of each day, you will subconsciously start working on the mental planning and problem solving of accomplishing tomorrows CASH TASKS.Some of the best planning will happen while you are sleeping! As a result your thoughts at the beginning of each day will be more focused and organized, and you will be able to complete your tasks quicker and more efficiently. In only a few short days you will see that you CAN make more money online with the best online business opportunities simply by focusing on you cash task To-Do list. There are no crazy laws of attraction or anythinggoing on here, it is just how we were created to think, solve, and accomplish.And it is never too late to start? There Are Hundreds Of Things You Can Do For Your Business Every Day To Make More Money Online This Is Number One For Top Earners If you decide to make To-Do lists for both personal tasks and business tasks, they MUST BE KEPT SEPARATE AND ALLOCATED SEPARATE BLOCKS OF TIME TO ACCOMPLISH!You need to set office hours. There are hundreds of things you can do for your business every day, but only 24 hours to do them all.You arepulled in seemingly endless directions. So.. you have to choose only those TASKS will result in CASH.This usually excludes checking email, sorting mail, organizing your office, or doing chores around the house.Every day you will need to accomplish task that add cash to your bottom line. A Simple (and far from stupid) Strategy Ask yourself, Will I get cash if I accomplish this task?If so, the task is classified as a CASH TASK.If not it is classified as a THEIF TASK that will only serve to steal income from you every day. Allocate a separate part of your day for administrative duties, ONLY AFTER accomplishing your CASH TASKS.You can work over time to accomplish the THEIF TASKS. Although important, they are not vital to makingincome.It is like organizing the shelves of your store, but never opening the doors for business. Your To-Do lists can only include CASH TASKS that will add income to your business and help you make more money, otherwise you wont be in business very long. Talk to your sponsor/mentor/business coach and determine the top 6 CASH TASK that will start earning you money in your business.Realistically, depending on what business you are in, some tasks can be time consuming and require a large investment of time.So, if the top 6 CASH TASKS cannot realistically be accomplished in one day, then break each of the large CASH TASK in to 6 smaller cash tasks. Begin working on the first major CASH TASK by accomplishing the 6 smaller components, and do NOTHING ELSE until they are all accomplished. (No phone calls, no e-mail, NO SURFING THE WEB, no household chores, no balancing your checkbook, etc.).Then Start on the next major CASH TASK in the same way, until all 6 top CASH TASKS are completed. Hopeless, Overwhelmed, And Paralyzed With Anxiety Trying To Make More Money Online?Then You Probably Have Not Done This Right now you might have that inner feeling of quiet desperation.You just dont know how much I have to do and how far behind I am.I have so many important things to do. I havent accomplished anything earning me money in weeks or, even months in my best online business opportunity.There is just no way to sort through all of this! There are hundreds of things you can do for your business every day, but only 24 hours to do them all.You arepulled in seemingly endless directions. Relax!!!!!!Ask yourself right now how many CASH TASKS you actually completed today, yesterday, last week, and even last month.Chances are, not to many, and maybe even none. Now if you start your To-Do list today, and accomplish your 6 CASH TASKS, at the end of the day you will have accomplished 6.After a week 30, after a month 120, and after a year 1,440 CASH TASKS ACCOMPLISHED. I know that while reading this today, you can feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and paralyzed with anxiety.But just completetomorrows CASH TASK To-Do list and you will be on Your Direct Path to Success. If you accomplish anything close to this you will be considered an extraordinary entrepreneur and one of the most successful business owners on the Internet. More money, prosperity, and success are yours for the taking. Run a Simple business, and you will no longer feel stupid or ill-equipped for the tasks ahead. I Have Been Dysfunctional For So Long I Do Not Know How to Get Back On the Direct Path To Success.This Simple To-Do List Will Help You Prosper With the Best Online Business Opportunities Accomplish These Six Cash Task Today To Help You Get Started and Make More Money Online Clean up your office or desk and group everything into task you need to accomplish (Small binders and dividers help).Organize your sites with a summary sheet of Site Names, Usernames, and Passwords. Separate the CASH TASKS from the THEIF TASKS Call your sponsor/mentor/business coach and find out how to prioritize your CASH TASKS Put the top six CASH TASKS on tomorrows To-Do List and set aside. Take care of any important administrative task you can today. (Tomorrow these same 5 tasks will become THEIF TASKS, until you have finished yourCASH TASKS To-Do list) Turn off your computer and phone(s).After making your Cash Tasks List for tomorrow, go spend time with family and friends, and remember why it was you wanted to start home based business anyway.Thank God for your many, many blessing and get a good night sleep.You have 6 CASH TASKS to accomplish tomorrow! In addition to getting your business on the direct path to success, your To-Do Lists will serve as a daily log of your business activities for Income Tax Purposes.Documenting your daily business activity is one of the best things you can do when it comes to maximizing the legally allowable tax deductions related to your home business.If you make your list every day, documenting your business activities wont be one of them. Get started now for a great 2008. Best Online Business Opportunities Make More Money Online Starting A Home Based Business About the Author: Glen Jacobs, Life Style Mentor and Successful Entrepreneur, is helping many become the next success story. Whether you’re looking to create an extra few thousand dollars per month, be an ex-corporate executive, or the next millionaire Mom, Glen can assist you to create a second stream of income and greater peace of mind. visit : More Money Article Published On: – Network-Marketing 相关的主题文章: