Love Watching New Movies Get Dishflix For 100 Rupees A Month!

Movies-TV What’s your idea of a quality weekend? Getting out of town isn’t always possible, visiting the water park every weekend will obviously take the fun out of it and eating out in a fancy restaurant is good for 2 hours at most, what do you do for the rest of the weekend? Well you could read a nice book if you love stories or even better, watch a few movies back to back! That definitely sounds like fun and believe it or not that is the idea of fun for most people who work Monday through Friday and want something to chill out without spending tons of money doing it. Watching movies in theatres – what’s wrong with it? Let me play out two scenarios for you. Scenario #1: You Are a Bachelor and Movies Mean Going Out with Your Gang On Friday morning you get in touch with your gang and plan a movie night. By very moderate estimates you will pay somewhere around 500 rupees for your ticket, considering you don’t have to play a gentleman and pay up for your lady friends too. You spend another 200 rupees on snacks and the customary popcorn and when the movies is over you spend another 300 to 400 rupees on food because you are not going to drive straight back home and your gang will insist upon eating out anyway. So, at the very least, one movie night will cost you INR. 1000. Try that twice or thrice a month and you will be poorer by about INR. 3000. I hate to sound like your dad, but you could have made better use of that money. Perhaps pay for a retirement plan because your employer won’t pay for your pension! Money apart, the effort of going to the theatre is quite a lot and after a few months it just doesn’t feel cool anymore. Scenario #2: You Are a Family Man and Movies Are More of a Custom than Fun As the week comes to an end and you have had enough of your boss’s nagging you pine for something different – the new movie in theatre sounds good enough? Of course, it does but unlike when you were single now you have thrice the amount to pay for a movie night. So by our early estimates, going to the theatre thrice a month, your bank account will be lighter by INR. 10000 give or take. And when the bills start flooding your inbox or your kid says "Papa, tuition fees! you wish you hadn’t wasted so much on movies. DishFlix – No waste of money, no nonsense, just new movies! Get a DishFlix connection for a rental of 100 rupees and you are good for the month! Sounds too good to be true but it is. DishTV has come out yet again with another great VOD (video-on-demand) product that will bring your entertainment expenses down significantly. There is a one-time payment of INR. 5990 for the hardware and for that you get the device pre-loaded with 50 movies. 15 new movies will be added to your DishFlix device replacing older ones, so you will always have an updated list of the latest and best blockbusters! Get in touch with your DishTV dealer or call customer service at 18601803474 to know more about DishFlix and other Set-Top-Box offers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: