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Business How does it feel when the melodious Mozart’s symphony that you prefer to listen while you for your night’s sleep is replaced by the monotonous one-toned and unending snores of your partner? And moreover when you’re all awake just because of the noise and the noisemaker is blissfully unaware of this pathetic condition of yours. No one could be more devilish to you at that point of time. But these snores call for some more serious attention, for it may be the symptom of serious health conditions and your heart is at risk. The Res Med CPAP Fort Lauderdale , is designed by the physicians in order to prevent this sleeping disorder. But while we get a solution to the problem, we often remain unaware of the reasons. These mid night whistling, snorting, snuffling happens for a variety of reasons. The primary being the caused obstruction in the nasal tube. Most likely the muscles at the roof of the mouth or at the back of the throat relax to block the obstruction and in search of oxygen these onomatopoeic rumblings are heard. These cases mostly occur when people lie on their backs and not on their sides when they’ve had a few drinks before going to bed or having nasal congestion due to allergies or cold. But there are some other factors too that triggers these snoring issues and are beyond any repairing, like the enlarged uvula, a large tongue or being overweight. It generally tends to be found in the men since they get to gain some weight in their neck and as a result of it, their heart doesn’t seem to have sufficient oxygen to function accordingly. Now if this case of sleep apnea is found to be a recurrent issue for anyone, then there’s a bad news, for the association of sleep apnea with high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, heart attacks and other cardiovascular system is pretty strong. Since the world of health care have gone on to discover that the fluctuating level of of oxygen throughout the night causes stresses and oxidative damage to the cells, they’ve designed CPAP masks Fort Lauderdale that fixes itself to the patients nose and mouth to keep the airway wide open during sleep. If you’ve got a live-in-partner or roommate along with you, get your sleep apnea trend checked or else if you’re all alone check it yourself whether you’re lacking sufficient sleep even during the day time. Get it consulted with your family physician, because its better to have regular sleeps than to sleep for once and forever. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: