Long sleep clinic received thousands of people sleep is also a psychological disease jslottery

The long sleep clinic received thousands of people do not have good sleep and psychological disease today is the first working day after the National Day holiday, mind slack, job burnout…… Have you ever been hit by holiday syndrome? However, from a psychological point of view, these are just not adapt to the changes in the rhythm of life and the emergence of the reaction, a few days after the general will be able to slowly recover. Compared with the holiday syndrome, another type of disease really needs to be paid attention to. The seven hospital of Hangzhou City, according to statistics, in the Past National Day holiday, seven hospital outpatient patients received a total of nearly 3000 people, including 1178 people sleep, 316 elderly psychological, 365 children, the three kinds of light accounted for more than half of the outpatient. In recent years, the high incidence of mental health diseases become a problem that can not be ignored, the proportion of patients with general mental illness is rising. Hangzhou seven hospital is the largest psychiatric hospital in Zhejiang Province, nearly 5 years of outpatient data statistics can be seen as a microcosm of the province’s mental illness. The general hospital in 2011 160 thousand outpatient visits, 8217 people sleep disorders, geriatrics, 7846 passengers, 5516 passengers in 2015 children’s psychology department; general outpatient service reached 290 thousand people, 49862 people sleep disorders, geriatrics, 19868 people, 22064 people of child psychology. Followed by an increase of 81.3%, 507%, 153.2%, 300%. October 10th is World Mental Health Day, this year’s theme is "mental health, social harmony, the seven hospital of Hangzhou professor Zhang Yonghua would like to remind you that in addition to severe mental illness, don’t ignore the common psychological problems brought by life or work pressure. The seven day holiday, sleep clinic received thousands of people don’t sleep well, in fact, the seven hospital experts is a psychological disease in Hangzhou remind: lethargy, are in sleep disorders, diet adjustment on time is very important to seven days of sleep clinic into nearly a thousand people do not have good sleep, anxiety and depression will also come along within seven days of the National Day holiday, there were 1178 people to the seven hospital of Hangzhou City, see a sleep disorder, sleep disorder clinic in recent 5 years increased by 507%. When "sleep well" also became a kind of psychological disease? Experts believe that, in fact, sleep disorders are not the same as the understanding of insomnia, such as sleepiness, sleepwalking, often nightmares and other sleep disorders are waking up. The current competitive, fast-paced social environment, will inevitably lead to an increase in the prevalence of sleep disorders. Sleep disorder is not only a single disease, more will be accompanied by depression and anxiety and other mental diseases, the mutual influence between various diseases, if early diagnosis and treatment, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. After a long holiday, a lot of people suddenly adjust the biological clock, it is prone to sleep problems, usually late at night can not sleep, second days to get up early, during the day to go to work dozing. Given the seven hospital sleep expert advice is, first of all is to adjust the diet, mainly to light, because the Chinese medicine thinks "stomach insomnia"; night as little as possible to participate in recreational activities, let yourself calm down; the last is to.相关的主题文章: