Local property tax levy on individual housing Just a false alarm zhuxianduowan

Local property tax levy on individual housing? Just a false alarm about the introduction of real estate tax become the focus of public opinion, in November 1st, a "Chengdu Local Taxation Bureau on good real estate tax, urban land use tax declaration work notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice") has been widely concerned. First financial reporter learned that the "notice" in the property tax is not now hot real estate tax, the tax object does not include individuals occupied housing. This is the announcement mentioned in the real estate tax obligations to pay taxes, the tax basis and tax rate, such as property tax on the basis of the original value of the property of a deduction of 30% of the value as the tax basis, the tax rate is 1.2%. This caused a lot of public concern. Many people call the Chengdu Local Taxation Bureau consultation, property tax is the new deal? Do ordinary citizens need to pay taxes? Property tax and hot "real estate tax" what is the difference? The real estate tax imposed in 1986 first financial reporter learned that taxpayers in May of each year, in November two pay property tax, so a lot of local tax bureau will issue a similar "notice" document in the two time node, to remind the majority of taxpayers in a timely manner during the reporting period pay the tax payable and payment of taxes in the past. In the real estate tax is the legislative process, the local release similar to the notice, will cause the public misunderstanding. First of all, the current property tax as early as 1986 began to levy around, not what new taxes. According to the 1986 enactment of the "People’s Republic of China real estate tax provisional regulations", the property tax paid by property owners, levy in city, county, towns and industrial and mining areas levy. Ministry of finance data show that in 2015 the real estate tax revenue reached 205 billion 90 million yuan. Secondly, the general public does not need to pay property tax. According to the Provisional Regulations of the property tax fifth, all individuals with non operating real estate property tax exemption, which means that individuals living in residential property tax does not need to pay. However, if individuals rent or engage in the operation of housing, in accordance with the existing provisions to pay property tax. In the real estate rental income tax basis, levied at the rate of 12%. In addition, approved by the State Council, in 2011, Chongqing and Shanghai City, the first to carry out individual housing property tax reform pilot, the individual needs to meet the conditions of property tax. For example, the provisions of Chongqing City, people have single family residential, individual purchase of new high-grade housing and two suites need to pay property tax. At present, Chongqing and Shanghai in the country only for individual housing property tax pilot, the pilot results, this year’s NPC and CPPCC on the budget committee of the NPC Standing Committee Deputy Director Liu Xiuwen gives 12 words "evaluation, careful, smooth operation, obvious effect". Finally, the "notice" in the real estate tax is currently in the process of the real estate tax legislation, although the word, but the future of the real estate tax on individual housing tax. The real estate tax legislation in 2013 November the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee adopted the "decision" of the CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of the overall number of major issues, which refers to improve the tax system, for the first time.相关的主题文章: