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Lin, chief professor of brush writing humor "revised notice" – Popular Culture Channel Sohu Xiaoping rebuilt in the Central South University of Forestry and Technology bulletin board notice eye-catching. Deng Xiangping photo Beijing Changsha November 5 (Xinhua correspondent to reporter Xu Zhixiong Zou Min Ni Xuan) "come, not what can stop you from drawing on the yearning, let us salute eventually lost repair, do not want to ever see." Recently, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, a teacher with a brush to write "revised notice", surrounded by teachers and students because of the camera forward, become an independent school notification style and humorous words, quickly became popular network. Reporters on the evening of 4 in the school of foreign college notice column to see, a yellow paper, and his small well-proportioned wrote: "dear classmates: Although you and I are reluctant to once again in the studio, tenth week, 123 weeks in the afternoon I still waiting for you. If you come from the stars once again fled the Jedi, the sun, of course, as usual, just graduated out of reach……" This notice with time and importance in two words or three Dao Ming rebuilt, the name of TV drama, lyrics by Kushiyaki have no sense of violation and. "This teacher is very good! His class should be very interesting. I really want to listen to his class." Many students see the teacher said, a few words to let teachers for the students’ affection on. Central South University of Forestry and Technology foreign institute director Yu Bo introduced the "revised notice" is not an official notice, but from the "sketch", the "color" and "sketch" course of associate professor Cheng Xiaoping, is a kind of friendship to rebuild a teacher to the student reminded. The college has announced the official notice in the educational network, school bulletin board notice. Previously, there are over three courses Xiaoping will more than 500 students, only 18 people in need of rehabilitation. "The notice mentioned in several films and TV series are all I’ve seen before, plus the usual love to sing, so come at one go." Xiaoping said that the students may need to rebuild the study is not enough to adhere to or not enough efforts, as a teacher, and therefore can not negate the students. He wrote this notice, but also to encourage the students, let them know whether they come or not come, the teacher will wait at the appointed time and place, and the teacher happy again with them together with the exchange of learning, painting. Reporters learned that in the eyes of his classmates, a teacher is not their early 40’s uncle, but humorous and knowledgeable talented brother Xiaoping "". He Yuqian, a freshman at the college, said the students and the "brother of Xiaoping" in addition to the classroom, after-school often chat in social software, to explore some problems. "Xiaoping brother in the ‘circle of friends’ speech like scripts hand, particularly cordial, but contains the points of knowledge we need to learn." (end)相关的主题文章: