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Home-Securtiy Home safety is an important issue with most families these days. With everyones budget tight, how are we to ensure the safety of our family? While no home is absolutely safe, there are numerous things that we can do to ensure a safer environment for our loved ones. One of the best things to do is to install a residential alarm system. These are alarm systems for the home which are made to detect and prevent burglary. Before installing any alarm system, it is necessary to decide which type of alarm is right for you. A good security .pany is helpful for making this decision. These .panies can also provide you with a .plete home protection package which should contain: (a) motion sensor units (pet-friendly), (b) emergency and panic buttons, (c) security logos for windows and front yard, (d) door alarms, (e) fire and smoke detectors, (f) back-up batteries, and (g) optional CCTV cameras. House alarm systems are one of the most effective home security options available. If a house has a door alarm installed, losses and damages can often be minimized thanks to quick responses from police. There are several different kinds of house alarm systems. One of them is the ultrasonic detector. This unit generates a high frequency pattern of audible sound waves. When motion disturbs the pattern, the change in frequency actuates the system and activates the alarm. Its protection extends up to 30 feet but unfortunately, it will not penetrate walls or windows. Another type is the microwave detector. This alarm uses high-frequency radio waves to detect movement. The last type of alarm is the infrared detector. This type is the cheapest in the market. It identifies movement through temperature. Some home alarms systems are guaranteed to work even in the absence of electricity because of a battery back up option. Some even offer a cellular back up for houses that do not have a landline. The alarm connects to the monitoring center using a cellular network, providing the user uninterrupted protection, even without a landline phone. Many of these .panies offer two-way voice monitoring departments with trained individuals who will stay on the line with the customer until help arrives. These systems can also be program to notify relatives, neighbors, or other designated individuals when the alarm is triggered. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: