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Computers-and-Technology Kindle Deals: Get the Best Out of the Internet for Your Kindle Experience Amazon Kindle is quite a rage among readers all over the world. People who read and travel are especially curious if not eager to have one. While the media war about Kindle not being able to compete with certain other gadgets may not be accurate, it is still true that people would like to see a lower price when they check out the Kindle’s price tag. Nobody dislikes a bargain and when one can find the best Kindle deals, there is definitely no refusing it. The best Kindle deals are mostly found on the Internet. One of the first places you should go to, the place most people surprisingly missed is Amazon itself. You can get a discount as much as 10-20% if you do your search properly. Good value, product guarantee, as well as knowledge of the cat in the bag should count as a good, if not a great deal. Be cautious about buying the product on auction site or online classifieds. You are not dealing with an authorized dealer who can be asked to take responsibility should anything go wrong. Keep in mind that these people are strangers and online reputation can be fabricated. If you are interested still, offers an excellent service of tracking the best Kindle deals on both eBay and CraigList. The site gives a thumbnail visual of product offered, the time it was posted, along with short description of prices, bid numbers and auction expiration date, as well as a link for quick bid. Short description describes what is offered in CraigList along with a link to the classifieds site. RadarFarms also provides you with an Add to Watch List button where you can collect all the offers you are interested in, to be perused deeper later on. Some of the best offers available at the time of this writing, early May 2010, include a $225 6" Display Amazon Kindle 2.0, another item of the same product at $231 which covered additional accessories that comes in the package and a Kindle DX 9.7" Display at the price of $320. All of these are on eBay. CraigsList meanwhile listed an Amazon Kindle 2 eBook reader with case for $235 and another item of the same product for $200. offers a variety of Kindle deals and discounts. Some of the past offers include a $100 off the price if you apply for a Visa card and a 30% discount off all Kindle accessories. Currently you are offered a bargain price, as well as free shipping. Tip: research done for this article shows that most of the sites offering best Kindle deals are merely sites hoping to generate traffic as they usually simply redirect visitors to an Amazon page where Kindle deals are indeed offered. Amazon also offers best Kindle deals in terms of accessories. One of the most favorites among buyers is the M-Edge Kindle Trilogy. The set comes with genuine leather cover, a leisure jacket and an e-Luminator2 booklight. The price is listed at $119.99 but Amazon is selling the set for a mere $79.99 saving you 33% of the total price. About the Author: Ray Gallagher has written numerous articles about the Amazon Kindle for and Ray is an avid reader and has been enjoying the Kindle since it first came out in 2007. Ray has written about many of the features of the Kindle as well as all of the Kindle deals that you can find on various websites. For more info about these Kindle deals make sure to visit .ereadernewstoday../kindle-deals. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: