Japan’s approach to the utilitarian heart of Africa a hidden political purpose-mide-031

Japan "approached" Africa: utilitarian heart hidden political purpose – Beijing, August 27th to 28, the Tokyo Sixth International Conference on African Development held in Kenya in East Africa capital Nairobi, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo visited the participants. It was the first time the conference was held in africa. Agence France-Presse says Japan has taken a show of aid to africa. Analysts pointed out that Japan’s overtures to Africa, to conceal its economic and political "thoughts" and utilitarian heart, to conceal its cooperation with Africa under the guise of overseas military ambitions. The International Conference on African Development in Tokyo, led by Japan, has become a pillar of Japan’s diplomacy since 1993". From the beginning of the meeting in Kenya, will break the previous held every 5 years of practice, to shorten the interval to 3 years, which shows the Japanese "warm" warming in africa. In 1966, Japan began to provide assistance to African countries. After the 70s oil crisis of the last century, the African countries with rich oil resources have attracted more and more attention from japan. In the early 90s of last century, Japan became the second largest aid country after france. In the new century, Japan has been more emphasis on the strategic position of africa. Earlier, former Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has visited Africa as prime minister. Analysts believe that Japan continues to strengthen the diplomatic action, has a special purpose. First of all, Japan has increased its aid to Africa, with a political purpose, that is, "aid" to seek political supporters". African countries in the United Nations, the proportion of more than 1/4 members, in 2002 after the establishment of the African Union, African countries to participate in international affairs growing influence. Researchers in Japan field clearly pointed out that Japan is clearly wanted to win support for Africa, creating a "political power" image, and then sell the Japanese values and mode of development, to become a permanent member of the UN to the heart. Secondly, from the point of view of economic and energy development, Japan is looking for Africa as the fulcrum of the great power strategy. Japan is a resource hungry export-oriented industry, Japan needs more than 85% of crude oil from the Middle East, but the situation in the Middle East unrest, energy risk is obvious. Japan wants to achieve multiple sources of oil resources, resources and energy rich Africa is one of the key priorities. In addition, Japan’s actions, it is not difficult to see its expanding military ambitions. In 2009, the Japanese government based on the "law" to deal with pirates, Pirates of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden to deal with the problem on loan from Djibouti construction land located in East Africa militia stronghold. This stronghold was officially put into use in 2011, is currently the only foreign stronghold of the Japanese Self Defense forces. In addition, the controversial at home and abroad in Japan’s New Security Act came into effect after the military experts believe that Japan should find a breakthrough point for the SDF to the sea, the possibility of a large selection of africa. During the Fifth International Conference on African Development in Tokyo in 2013, a Mauritius government official who attended the meeting said: "what we need is a sincere and genuine partnership, and we do not need to operate in a way that is not reliable."相关的主题文章: