Japan Indoorsman play the game too noisy sister was killed-running man 20130908

Japan Indoorsman play the game was too noisy sister killed between siblings even bad feelings, but also has the blood relationship, even if the quarrel is only temporary gas only, but a pair of siblings in Japan but so many people were shocked, after a Japanese girl was playing the sound of noisy brother, she turned pro brother to dismembered the corpse, the refrigerator is hidden in the house in. Japan Indoorsman play the game too noisy sister dismembered, have to say that this woman had enough horror! Just want to sleep next to people who do not stop the sound, Takeuchi Aimi (25 years old) gas is not one to play, directly kill his brother, forgive (21 years old). And all this, until Takeuchi forgive friends come looking for talents to find clues. At the end of August, a friend found has not contact, understanding, his social networking site also stopped updating, out of curiosity and concern, he asked Takeuchi Aimi to call, want to know exactly how their friends, the other has hesitated, said it was not clear why, so he immediately alarm. After police arrived, a terrible secret was found in the home of Takeuchi Aimi, the younger brother was killed and dismembered the original sister, she hid him in the fridge. The original understanding is a standard Indoorsman Takeuchi, nothing to play games at home, and the sound is very big, my sister had been warned many times, but the brother would not listen, did not turn down a little. Just before the incident, the two sisters because the game broke out a quarrel, Takeuchi Aimi impulse killed his brother. My brother died, outsiders will find himself, dispose of the body too much trouble, then made a surprising move, dismembered Takeuchi Aimi, and then he put his body hidden in the fridge. Surprising is that my sister looks cute, sweet and gentle smile, she works in a supermarket, and evaluation of her customers and friends are very good, we never thought that such a seemingly beautiful girl has made a killing behavior.相关的主题文章: