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James Soong was accused of Pan Cai envoy had changed and a friend of Li Denghui – Sohu Military Channel Map: Cai Yingwen James Soong. Overseas network on 7 October, according to the rating agency reported that the possibility of James Soong to APEC seems to exist, "said Cai government procedures have been completed, while the mainland is about" memorandum of understanding shall comply with APEC regulations, not say OK or not. To James Soong’s ability, and now to APEC before and after the meeting, a lot of topics will turn around him. On the Internet called song gentie lot, see the blue camp supporters and characters, is very understanding of the song dynasty. Someone pulls out the old account, then with the James Soong relation to Li Denghui, and Chen Shuibian, and "MiHui" now Cai Yingwen’s "special envoy", "long green orange satire". James Soong is willing to use for green, why? The government has so far refused to recognize the "92 consensus", which is different from that of song. Song said clearly what is a personal concept, what is the mission of the government. In order to give up the idea of personal APEC major issues issues of right and wrong can do, this is not an ordinary person. James Soong also said that Cai Yingwen appointed him to attend the APEC Summit on the other side is to express the greatest goodwill, the network has also appeared a lot of rebuttal sound. Whether it is "good faith" we have a pretty good idea. There is no "92 consensus" has nothing to do with what is not, by James Soong APEC, is not very important, there are green characters remind oneself and don’t see this song too high. In fact, in Taiwan province to attend the APEC summit "leaders", not only Xiao Wanchang, Gu Zhenfu, Jiang Bingkun Chan, Peng Huainan, Li Yuanzhe, et al., Lin Xinyi, Zhang Zhongmou, Stan Shih and so on have been even. From past experience, if James Soong really have a trip to APEC, this is a risk, how to grasp the scale is success. Song said that he is not a rookie, have a sense of propriety. Outside may wish to wait and see.相关的主题文章: