Investigation of Fujian Anxi Telecom fraud many new network fraud dens in the field – transfer-t420s

Fujian Anxi telecommunications fraud investigation: many fraud dens transfer new network field in September 11 Fuzhou Xinhua news agency Xinhua: crime breeding soil still exists, many foreign transfer fraud dens – Fujian Telecom fraud investigation Anxi Xinhua news agency Xinhua viewpoint reporter Zheng Liang recently, Shandong, Guangdong 3 students suffered telecommunications fraud cases lead the victim to death or Dutch act, causing widespread concern in the community. The Ministry of Public Security announced the 9 case 3 cases, of which more than 3 suspects from Fujian Anxi, suspects including the case of Xu Yuyu, the main suspect in a case of Shangguan Song Zhenning etc.. Ministry of public security official said, it is necessary to resolutely pull out a number of regional professional telecommunications fraud, nail, and resolutely reverse the situation of the crime of endangering the country’s output in key areas. Regional organized crime characteristics, the suspects are mostly unemployed young people last August 28th, the Ministry of public security a fugitive warrant suspects Zheng Xiancong surrendered to the police, Xu Yuyu case 6 suspects were all arrested. The 6 suspects were from Fujian, Quanzhou, which is the 3 of the people in Anxi. The suspect Chen Wenhui, Chen Fudi is the Anxi Bai Lai country town village. Many villagers told reporters, Chen Wenhui and Chen Fudi are 20 early, never graduated from junior high school drop out to go out to work, but can’t eat bitter, did not learn what money in proficiency in a particular line, No. Town village is located in the depths of the mountains, the village of more than 5 thousand people, every family of tea. Village Branch Committee Chen Guangyi told reporters, although in recent years the tea market downturn, but if Chen Wenhui Chen Fudi, these young people are willing to endure hardship, do tea, a year to earn seventy thousand or eighty thousand yuan or even hundreds of thousands of no problem. Chen Guangyi said: "the key is they feel lazy, cheat money fast, go on the road of crime." Chen Wenhui and others engaged in the experience of fraud in Anxi representative. After 2000, some Taiwan suspects in the southern region of the recruitment of personnel, the establishment of dens, fabricating false information, lured the victim to the transfer operation by ATM. This kind of crime is low cost, profit, easy to copy, soon spread in Anxi. The local police officers told reporters, as long as some of the mobile phone, a bulk SMS, bank card, phone, SMS can get money. Some of the villagers engaged in fraud "overnight", in the village built a high-rise, bought some high-grade commercial housing in Anxi and even Xiamen Chengguan, open on a luxury car, which stimulate more people rush into danger. 2005 years ago, Anxi has become the country’s most concentrated place to send SMS fraud. Anxi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade responsible person told the reporter, telecommunications fraud suspects arrested in recent years, most of the low level of education, unemployed, idle young people, love of pleasure. 13 consecutive years of special rectification, many scammers to turn to the field of telecommunications fraud dens let Anxi back on the "fraud town" reputation. 2007, Anxi Ministry of public security as the focus of telecommunications fraud remediation county. Anxi county official told reporters, 2004.相关的主题文章: