Huizhou mountain is kilometers clapnet police arrested 1 people rescued 20 birds 9c8947

Huizhou mountain is kilometers clapnet police arrested 1 people rescued 20 live bird user photographs. Huizhou Guangzhou daily news (reporter Qin Zhongyang)   it is the migratory birds fly south in Huizhou recently, netizens report said, Luzhou Hill discovered km clapnet. Baoliao is called a "small vibration" of friends, and he crosses the Luzhou the KM tour pal, clapnet found at the top of the hill, at the same time they also rescued a trapped eagle. Reported the same day, Huizhou District, Huicheng forest police said it has been involved in the investigation, the results will be announced later in the law enforcement. Yesterday afternoon, Huicheng District Forestry Bureau issued "on the Luzhou discovered a clapnet investigation briefing", November 6th received enthusiastic tour pal report, the District Forestry Bureau immediately assigned district forest police station, wild animal and plant protection station staff in conjunction with the Luzhou Town Forestry Station relevant personnel to the scene to check and found no bird who will organize personnel clapnet demolition collection. On the morning of 8, Huicheng district forest police station police officers went to the scene again organized illegal bird investigations, and arrested a suspect in the investigation on the illegal bird, seized more than and 20 birds, the suspect was taken to the police station for further investigation of forest area. Next, they will carry out special action to protect migratory birds, increase the intensity of combat and advocacy efforts to effectively protect wildlife resources. Editor: GDN003相关的主题文章: