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Hubei Xiantao more than and 500 students without school can participate in college entrance examination registration has continued: Xinhua News Agency Wuhan October 28th new media news (reporter Lin Bifeng Luo Xin) the day before, more than 500 high school students in Hubei Province, Xiantao first middle school without a registered school, reported by the media caused social concern. The 28 reporters from Xiantao Municipal Propaganda Department was informed that, at present, this part of the students have registered ordinary high school, normal college entrance examination and examination is not affected. Since October this year, there were the parents of the students to the media reflect that Hubei Xiantao, Xiantao children enrolled in a two years later, only to find the students not to register. 2017 annual college entrance examination is about to begin, parents are worried that the child will be due to identity problems, leading to the college entrance examination was delayed. The matter was reported by the media, immediately aroused social concern. Many netizens questioned: a college entrance examination "champion" frequent local old schools, why hundreds of students without school? Whether there are violations of enrollment? These students can normal college entrance examination? Reporters from the city municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department learned that, more than 500 students Xiantao a, mostly because of senior high school entrance examination scores below the line, but the "zejiaosheng" name of admission, many parents subsequently confirmed school fees are. According to the reporter, 2014, Hubei Xiantao built a school enrollment of about 500 minutes to go, Xiantao a entrance examination plan cut, admission scores rose. Although there is no enrollment plan, Xiantao a still "zejiaosheng" name, admitted that more than 500 plan candidates, leading to these students have been unable to register ordinary high school. The Xiantao Education Bureau subsequently responded that a plan to recruit candidates in Xiantao, suspected of illegal recruitment; and for the line school choice fees charged by the candidates, without prior approval, illegal charges, has started its punishment. This part of the students are able to participate in the college entrance examination? Xiantao Bureau of Education released in Japan wrote before the parents of a letter ": on 2014 Xiantao a secondary part of the school enrollment irregularities, resulting in a small number of students not registered ordinary high school problems, the City Board of education for the provincial education department and the Ministry of education, for this group of students have been registered in ordinary high school, not affect the normal students college entrance examination and examination. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: