Huang Xiaoming rare exposure mansion interior but everybody’s attention is… (map) alienware m17x

Huang Xiaoming rare exposure mansion interior but everybody’s attention is… (map) Huang Xiaoming in October 14th, Huang Xiaoming drying out their photos wearing VR glasses at micro-blog, but also because of his self deprecating Tai Xingfen, the table tops are sitting split, he joked: "don’t mess with me, I sat on you." Plum Qiangjing netizens have a laugh, brother Xiaoming mighty, but there are also people to comfort him, is in fact the table is not solid. There are sharp eyed Netizens found plum table analysis of pregnant Baby love acid, as the saying goes, sour spicy female children, netizens bold speculation, Baby is pregnant with a baby boy. Huang Xiaoming micro-blog screenshot related news: finally admitted! Huang Xiaoming sun holiday photos public baby news of pregnancy (Figure) source: entertainment time: October 2016 08, 20:44 Huang Xiaoming and baby holiday Phoenix Entertainment News the evening of October 8th, Huang Xiaoming drying out and baby travel photos in micro-blog, announced that his wife is pregnant. He wrote in the micro-blog: "three people travel, but also a lot of times later, Thanksgiving, daughter-in-law!" Subsequently, baby also forwarded ridicule: Congratulations you ah, the default message of pregnancy. Micro-blog screenshot photos, Huang Xiaoming and baby back to the camera sitting on a yacht, and cradled his wife’s shoulder, two people look very affectionate. It is worth mentioning that, Huang Xiaoming and baby in October 8, 2015, a marriage on the first anniversary of the marriage announced the news of pregnancy, is also of great significance. After micro-blog issued, users have sent blessings, finally admitted, congratulations baby, congratulations baby pregnant with a small baby, I hope you will always be happy". With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: