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Finance Many people realize at some point they have lost money. This may be a closed bank account , utility deposit or other type of cash but you dont have to be Indiana Jones to find lost money. Its easy, free and safe and anyone can do it. Sadly most people dont bother to do it because they dont know they have lost money waiting for them if they did it wouldnt be lost, would it? The states are bound by law to secure and retain lost money either from their own agencies or from banks or .panies. This money stays in the name of the beneficiary and remains in limbo until the rightful owner decides to try to find missing money, and, when he succeeds, claims it. Every state has a department, usually the Treasury, which receives money that is unclaimed under state law. Federal government agencies like the FIDC, IRS, HUD etc. all also maintain records of lost money lying with them and, like the states, have systems in place to help people find unclaimed money due to them. The starting point is to go to the website of the state or federal government agency where you think you can find lost money that belongs to you. These websites will have a search option you need to click on to begin your efforts to find lost money. The nature of the lost money databases and the search procedure varies from state to state but it process is not difficult. Enter the required data and begin your search to find lost money. If you are successful and locate money that is due to you, the agency will require you to send them, either online or through the post, detailed information about your claim to enable then to verify money is yours. If your efforts to find lost money have been successful and the government accepts your claim, you will receive a claim form to fill out and return along with the supporting documents you will be asked for. And thats it. Some states have a nominal handling fee for this service usually 1 to 1.5% of the value of the money. The best way to actually find your lost money is to do an Free Unclaimed Money Search. This is really quite easy. All you do is put your name into an Unclaimed Money Database and see if your name is showed as owed money. Then you simply look at the accounts, see which are truly yours and submit a claim form for the money. You will need to submit the claim for the government agency holding the money. It is not held by the .pany you do the search with or the website owner. The money should be returned to you be the agency holding the money in a matter of 2-8 weeks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: