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Home-and-Family In this entire write up, I will be giving some great ideas on how you can recycle and use for the better the plastic champagne glasses. The plastic champagne glasses are cheaper than any other and are very safe and disposable. One of the very good things that the plastic champagne glasses give is for it to use as a candle holder. It is actually very effective especially if you could actually look for those that are not susceptible to the fire. You can also add some holes in it so that these holes will serve as the spaces for the candle to shine more. You can also put on some wire in it and to let them all hang up in the air as a hanging lamp. You can also place them in different venues and places so to give more of a romantic vibe. Additionally, the plastic champagne glasses can also be utilized as a decorative food stand if you can actually group them all together. You really need to place all the foods in it and then you can have it as an instant centerpiece. Now, for it to be more beautiful and interesting, you can also put them all upside down and have it all glued up. To add more elegance in it, you can add some designs such as hand painting and printing. You might want the kids to do it all for you; draw some and paint it themselves as an art work. You can also try it to be another accessory in your work office. Get some coloring materials or some different set of colors and color them all out or you could draw some on them. Then, line up the glasses neatly at your office table and you could use it as an instant holder for the pens, pencils, pins and some other stuff and the little ones you are using every day in the office. These are just some of the different insights that you can do to showcase more of your creativity. All you just to do is to be more imaginative and try to share your creativeness. In fact, with this, you can actually help saving the environment and you can actually use these items in a good way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: