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The Floral Hand Of God: Secret Healing Codes Of Flowers Revealed Posted By: Angela Powers 12, November 2014: The Floral Hand of God is a book written by Dr. Brent W. Davis. The book reveals all about the secret healing codes of flowers. In his book, Dr. Davis discusses health-related, spiritual and emotional healing powers of flowers that very few people are aware of. The recently released book is a trilogy in one book. The three parts throw light in different aspects of flower essences and enlighten readers with some startling facts about flowers. Dr. Davis has deeply researched and studied the healing properties of flowers and in each part, he categorically discusses about his different findings about flower. In the first part of the trilogy, Dr. Davis reveals the power of attraction of flowers that helps fulfill our dreams. The second part talks about the scientific discoveries of flower that help trigger spiritual impulses in the human brain. The concluding third part, with a self-help reference, teaches us how selected flower frequencies can help in our subconscious awakening to help eliminate several negativities like stress, anxiety and the inner fighting. The book can help the mankind in several ways, from unleashing a positive bioenergy to healing trauma using flowers.

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Cosmetics material Root Canal Therapy – Should You Believe The Myth? Posted By: Gen Wright Upon hearing that you need a root canal, you may experience fear and stress. To some people, just the thought of a root canal can send shivers soaring up their arms because many people associate root canal therapy with extreme pain. However, the idea that root canal therapy is extremely painful is very misleading. With advancements in dentistry, you no longer need to worry about root canal therapy. This procedure is recommended when a tooth is severely infected, causing you extreme pain. The purpose of root canal therapy is to relieve your pain, not to add to it. So the next time your dentist recommends a root canal for treatment, don’t fret – your pain will be eliminated, not worsened. What is a Root Canal? Located in the center of every tooth is the pulp, which provides nutrients to the nerves of each tooth. When a tooth is infected, it can spread to the pulp. If the pulp dies, you are at risk of losing the tooth. This means the pulp will need removed in order to save your tooth. And that’s where root canal therapy comes in.

South Pasadena dentists Healing Emotional Abuse – Healing Through The Structure Of Silence Posted By: Dr Jeanne King PhD When you know the structure of silence, you hold the key to healing emotional abuse from within. Now this may sound simple or it may sound profound, depending on your relationship to being quiet within. Knowing silence and being familiar with navigating its structure is like knowing any other cleansing process. For example, you know how to bath your body. You know lathering up and rinsing off is part of cleansing. The Structure of Silence There is structure to silence as there is routine to bathing. The structure of silence is fluid and at the same time concrete. It opens up to you…you not to it. It reveals itself effortlessly as though it has a life of its own. You cannot make it happen, though your can inspire its happening. As it reveals itself to you, you have options. You can enable it or your can dismantle it. You can dance within its structure or you can shatter it with intentional mental chatter. Emotional Healing through Silence The absence of intentional purposeful mental activity, characteristic of silence, is the basis from which healing happens. It is out from the restive state (the mind at rest) that restoration occurs.

Healing emotional abuse Healing Emotional Abuse – The Language Of Healing And The Mechanics Of Purification Posted By: Dr Jeanne King PhD What is it about silence that enables healing from emotional trauma? The answer to this question is the essence of healing the trauma of domestic violence. Mind-Body Medicine and Domestic Abuse Recovery We know from the principles of mind-body medicine that there is an undeniable relationship between what’s between the ears and what’s under the skin. Every thought has a corresponding affective (feeling) component to it. Think about an experience by visualizing the memory of the specific events and notice the emotional stirring associated with this visualization. Now, introduce another thought in the mind’s eye and notice the corresponding changes in emotion that you feel. Given the psychophysiological connection, you can expect that with a stirring of the mind, there will be a stirring of body. And conversely, with a quieting of the mind, there will be a quieting of the body. Rest and Mind-Body Purification Another central theme of mind-body medicine is that the natural tendency of the body is to heal itself. Our psychophysiological system is utterly charmed by the purification process. It seeks to move in that direction naturally and effortlessly. What did your mother tell you to do when you were sick?

healing emotional abuse Healing Trauma In The Eternal Now Posted By: Kevin Rockwell "Everything is perfectly managed in the unborn." Bankei Nondual wisdom reveals that our unborn nature is the source and substance of all that is born into finite reality. All of our experience is an expression of this nature, a primordial awareness that accepts all forms of its expression, no matter how pleasurable or painful. This awareness is unconditional love as it equally accepts the most sublime ecstasy and one of the most painful of all human experience, trauma. It is only in this embrace of the manifest by the unmanifest that true transformation or healing takes place. All of the suffering that is brought to psychotherapy is a confused or contracted expression of the unconditional love that we are. When suffering is embraced by this love, the confusion is clarified, the contraction is relaxed, and we are released into simple presence. Once awareness awakens to itself in a human being, it is possible to liberate all forms of confusion through this meeting, including those resulting from trauma. Left to itself, the ego-personality will endlessly repeat trauma or try to hide from it. Only the unconditional love of conscious awareness can truly embrace it.

psychotherapy Family Violence Healing – Writing About A Mother’s Nightmare Of Abuse Beyond Control Posted By: Dr Jeanne King PhD Where did you get the where-with-all to write your book (All But My Soul) people continue to ask seven years after its publication. This question has been presented to me so many times, I’m compelled to give you the answer in this article. I didn’t write it; it wrote itself. Now I know that sounds ridiculous on face value, but that’s actually what did indeed happen. Here’s how. Why I Wrote All But My Soul First, I’ve known since the 80’s through studying the work of James Pennebaker, Ph.D. that when you write about trauma, it releases from the physiology. And I didn’t want to go to my grave with this drama. Secondly, my children were being told by their father (and his family) that I abandoned them, yet nothing could be further from the truth. What actually happened is I was abused out of their lives. And lastly, I had learned so much about domestic violence and the legal abuse syndrome, I wanted to put it out there for the hundreds and thousands of people who are in abusive relationships and those headed toward one.

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