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Health Parents go crazy about head lice prevention. Because of the effects to their child’s daily activities and the possible outbreak in the family, they have to find effective lice remedies for even the earliest signs of infestation. The presence of the bugs in many cultures and its prevalence in history brought about many myths concerning lice treatment. If you are serious in controlling the problem, you have to distinguish the facts from the myths on lice removal. Only when you have the right knowledge can you take correct actions on head lice prevention. Here are the .mon myths associated with it. Only Children Should Follow Precautions to Avoid Them If you want to achieve successful head lice prevention, you have to include all family members in your treatment. It is not true that only children get the infection. It is important to understand that Lice do not choose who they will infest. Even adults can suffer from the infestation. Although children are the most .mon victims, adults can acquire the infection if they live with kids that are infected with it. To achieve better head lice prevention, make it a habit to inspect the heads of all members of the family regularly. The Lice .es from the Sun One head lice prevention method that old folks give is to stay away from the sun. They say that lice .e from the sun and it will transfer to your hair when you expose yourself too long under its heat. The truth about this suggestion of old folks is more on the effect of heat in the scalp. Exposure under the sun is more conducive for lice to thrive in. The sweat and accumulation of dirt be.es a fertile environment for the bugs. The more you increase you outside activities the more likely you are to be.ing infested with lice. Nit .bs are Only for the Infested Individuals Nit .bs are not only for lice treatment. They are effective ways for head lice prevention. After taking a bath, dry your hair and use an ordinary .b to remove the tangles in the hair. After you have removed the tangles use a "nit .b" to check for head lice and their nits. Doing this weekly will provide an effective way to spot infestation when there has been a prior infestation. Throw Away Everything in Contact with the Infected Child If people tell you to throw away everything an infected child had used, do not follow their suggestion. It will only be a total waste of resources. Head lice prevention methods include the treatment of their personal belongings with hot soapy water. Hair Treatment is the Only Prevention Possible You can practice other head lice prevention aside from focusing on the hair. There are many people who believe the only real way to rid yourself is to shave your head. However, this is not the only way for lice removal. Bu simply applying good personal hygiene head lice can be killed without the need of a hair cut. Head lice prevention has myths attached to it. If you do further reading before following hearsay’s, it will lead you in the right direction to both cure and prevent them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: