Haikou, a pair of husband and wife husband and wife to drive back the law enforcement-stellarium

Haikou, a couple of husband and wife to drive the driver to drive back his wife destroyed law enforcement recorder recorder recorded under the law enforcement behavior. Haikou traffic regulation is still in progress, according to statistics, only in November 9th day, Haikou traffic police detachment will investigate traffic violations since 3090, and seized 386 electric bicycle, ordered 591 drivers in traffic Jiuwei, punishment overload, retrograde, creasing, change lanes and other traffic violations since 1289, motor vehicle violation stop illegal behavior 1415. Husband wife destroyed retrograde law enforcement recorder to pay a fine not to say she was also detained 10 days in order to cut the time to work, a couple in Haikou car under the bridge by the traffic police from retrograde to people caught, but they refused to cooperate with law enforcement, his wife also shot destroyed a police enforcement recorder, therefore, in addition to traffic illegal punishment, the woman was sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days. The afternoon of November 8th, the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Battalion Squadron police Chen Weiwei Meilan Haidian presented the scene enforcement recorder was broken, can be seen above the obvious scratches and knock marks. Chen Weiwei introduction, Haikou traffic regulation continued, the area under the jurisdiction of the people under the bridge vehicle retrograde more, for which the brigade specifically to increase the police to investigate and supervise. November 8th early in the morning, he and the police will set up a point in this investigation. About 7:50, a car retrograde to see the traffic police immediately, to turn around, he immediately ran to intercept them, stating the other traffic violations, he asked each other to produce documents, said the male driver parked the car after receiving treatment. "After the man began to have no enforcement power by the police do not cooperate with law enforcement, the police just behind me ten meters, US law enforcement, police issued a ticket, I hailed the verification documents to assist." Chen Weiwei said, then the police came. See each other emotions more and more excited, Chen Weiwei decided to open the law enforcement recorder record site law enforcement. Picture display, Chen Weiwei was holding the law enforcement recorder, statements to the police is brief, drivers love emotion, always follow beside him, the police came to their trailing car, at a time when the police communicate with the driver, pointing to his lover Chen Weiwei, during a sudden stretch, he hit the hands of law enforcement recorder the recorder, fell on the ground. The owner Mr. Wu believes that the police open should inform their enforcement recorder before, although his wife reached out, but not deliberately destroyed the active law enforcement instrument, but to block the camera. In this regard, red border police station according to the investigation, the police department is the law enforcement law enforcement recorder, Mr. Wu’s wife has deliberately hit behavior, its final suspicion of obstructing was sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days to perform official duties. Hurry red light she was fined 50 yuan The loss outweighs the gain. in traffic management 30 minutes in November 9th about 8:40, Haikou Longkun road and Hyde Road intersection, Ms. Zhang riding electric car from South Bridge sailed to Hyde Road, seeing the pedestrian lights control lights, she did not slow down, but to accelerate forward, just enter the zebra crossing to catch the light turned red, she did not stop, but continue to accelerate, when she went to the middle of the road, the vehicle in the direction of approaching the zebra crossing,.相关的主题文章: