Guo Jingming ” grand track ” a name was satisfied; dissatisfaction with the issuer c

Guo Jingming " grand track " a   name was satisfied; dissatisfaction with the issuer culture propaganda on original title: Guo Jingming on the "grand track" into satisfaction yesterday, led by Guo Jingming starring "most grand track" held a press conference in Beijing, released a site for a minute and a half Trailer although, a month from the time of the September 30th release, but Guo Jingming himself for the quality of the film pretty confident, "I think this movie is very shocking, I very confident." This is the second time the crew officially launch, choose Beijing CBD Wanda studios IMAX hall held on-site fans to wear 3D glasses to see the screen of IMAX3D effect. Guo Jingming said, these days to the trailer showing effect, are in the evening the last release in cinemas in the end, and then repeatedly broadcast a trailer, found that there are not appropriate, immediately back to modify, usually busy until four or five a.m.." "Grand track" as early as in the "3" era during the filming has already begun preparations, it was not open to the public. Spent two years filming, Guo Jingming has always been desperately in their micro-blog said, "from the beginning" grand track "to now, for two years. I’ve been in Nanjing for two years. Once in a while back in Shanghai, the family dog would yell at me like a stranger." Sometimes really very tired, the body is not comfortable, but there is no way to put down, I almost every aspect of the film are involved." Guo Jingming said, "although in the film" the times "series has accumulated a lot of experience, but this one is used to do something completely different, completely unable to use these experiences, sometimes very stressful." Guo Jingming frankly, even the beginning of their own do not know what the final film will look like, the actors will ask, why is an animated cartoon to let the real person to play? I feel like I have to trust the actors." In the film play a ghost Shanlian Stephen Fan Bingbing said with a smile, "grand track" cast is "a group of people is very unreasonable. Who else’s movie lineup is like this? (all of them are Yan), there is no such a film! Therefore, it is full of archives, national archives, we are not afraid." With the big screen touch IMAX Fan Bingbing, "science and technology shock is not the same, I sometimes very distressed four, he has devoted much effort in this movie, before a Chinese youth director made it particularly great, especially worthy of respect!" "Grand track" according to Guo Jingming’s novel published in 2010 adaptation, the story is set in a fictional Odeon mainland, tells the story of the mysterious and vast Odeon mainland, proficient in the soul "King" and "apostles" under the silver priest’s command, and to defend the honor, the story of the struggle for power. "Grand track" fiction and script structure basis of the relationship between the apostles and the barons, an apostle to promotion for the king, must sacrifice a the person closest to me. Fan Bingbing plays the ghost Shanlian spring is an apostle, Yan Yi wide she played in the film)相关的主题文章: