Guangxi Hepu to Guangdong Zhanjiang railway project started a total investment of 17 billion 270 mil-mcncc

Guangxi Hepu to Guangdong Zhanjiang railway project started a total investment of 17 billion 270 million years in the morning of November 16th, Hepu to Zhanjiang railway project to promote the work of the first joint meeting held in Hepu. The meeting, Guangxi and Guangdong two provinces (districts) development and Reform Commission, to coordinate the deployment of the preparatory work of Beihai, Zhanjiang two city and Nanning railway bureau leader on the railway project, and determination of the project by the end of this year substantive started, the first quarter of next year to achieve full construction. According to plan, the new Hepu to Zhanjiang railway line from Hepu station to adjust the project led to the East Tieshan port, Yamaguchi, Qingping, Hengshan Town, Suixi Zhanjiang South West, the new route length of 191 km, a total investment of 17 billion 270 million yuan. At present, the project is being carried out for the pre-trial, site planning, social stability risk assessment, energy assessment, environmental protection, water conservation and other preliminary work, preliminary design work carried out simultaneously. At the meeting, Beihai, Zhanjiang two city leaders have said, to enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, strengthen communication and collaboration, effectively solve the practical problems in project construction, and strive for the early completion of Zhanjiang railway started smoothly, and for the benefit of the people of two cities. He is a major thoroughfare connecting the Zhanjiang railway south of Guangdong and Guangxi, is a national "long-term railway network planning" to determine the high-speed railway network "eight vertical and eight horizontal" main channel is an important part of the expansion of the coastal railway transport capacity in Guangxi, has an important significance to promote the Beibu Gulf economic zone and the West and the Hainan region’s economic complementarity and coordination development. (reporter Ceng Junfeng)

广西合浦至广东湛江铁路项目年内开工 总投资172.7亿   11月16日上午,合浦至湛江铁路项目推进工作第一次联席会议在合浦召开。会上,粤桂两省(区)发改委,北海、湛江两市及南宁铁路局相关领导就合湛铁路项目前期工作进行协调部署,并确定该项目今年年底实质性开工,明年一季度实现全面开工建设。   按规划,新建合浦至湛江铁路调整工程线路自合浦站引出,向东经铁山港北、山口、青平、横山镇、遂溪南至湛江西站,新建路线全长191公里,总投资172.7亿元。目前,项目正在开展用地预审、规划选址、社会稳定风险评估、节能评估、环保、水保等前期工作,同步开展初步设计相关工作。会上,北海、湛江两市领导均表示,要增强责任感和紧迫感,加强沟通、精诚协作,切实解决项目建设中的实际问题,努力争取合湛铁路顺利开工、早日建成,造福两市人民。   合湛铁路是连接两广的南线大通道,是国家《中长期铁路网规划》确定的高速铁路网“八纵八横”主通道的重要组成部分,对扩充广西沿海铁路运输能力,促进北部湾经济区和粤西、海南地区的经济互补和协调发展有着重要意义。(记者 曾俊峰)相关的主题文章: