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Golden Horse Awards, the film’s victory   " " August; a popular – media – original title: mainland film captured Feng Xiaogang Ma Sichun Wei Fan Dongyu Zhou the Golden Horse Award, the fifty-third Taiwan film awards ceremony held in Taipei, from Chinese, the movie people gain a complete victory. The mainland youth director Zhang Dalei’s movie "August" beat Feng Xiaogang and Johnny To’s works, won the best film award, has become the biggest upset. In addition, Feng Xiaogang with the new "I am not Pan Jinlian" won the best director award for two consecutive years to stand on the podium, the golden horse award. Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun with "in July and still" in the performances of both won the best actress award;, the old drama of bone with Wei Fan in "no problem" in the show won the best actor award. According to the Beijing evening news, Legal Evening News Feng Xiaogang Award for two consecutive years, this year a total of 534 films applied for the Golden Horse Award, more than and 100 more than the previous record. Last night’s awards stars, including Hsiao-Hsien Hou, Li Hang, the famous French actor Juliet? Binoche, Hongkong actor Michael Hui, director Tian Zhuangzhuang, etc. attended the event, and served as guests of honor. It is worth mentioning that the actor Hsu Chi specially came to participate in the awards, host Momoco Tao hinted that she has been pregnant in the body. "I am not Pan Jinlian" was released, Feng Xiaogang won the award for best director. Feng Xiaogang for this award is very easy, after he took office, said, "winning once again confirms this idea I make the movie circle is right." Feng Xiaogang gave the best actress award after once again came to power, and back to the last year with "old gun" won the best actor award added a "thanks, thank the Golden Horse Award mind!" Wei Fan won the best actor Wei Fan’s acting is recognized, but subject to the shape of the majority of these years to play a supporting actor, this time, he played a leading role in the film "no problem". The film adapted from Lao she published in 1943 in the short story, the novel is about the rear area during the Anti Japanese War Chinese tree farm decline in China under the management of Wuyuan director Ding to the story. After taking office Wei Fan said excitedly: "I would like to say thanks to point away, but to the station, just want to say thank you, this film is easily overlooked, the movie looks very pale, I was also very weak, but the judges have the patience, careful, found a little beauty which at the same time, also thank Mr. Lao she." Ma Sichun cried on the spot the best actress award went to Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun, two young actors very excited, helpless. Ma Sichun was crying, she said, "in July and she was supposed to be a person, we are the film nominated for many awards, but did not get an original, the biggest surprise here, this is the best movie for us." Dongyu Zhou thanked the director Zhang Yimou to give her the opportunity to contact the film, we do not have a home to do the film, take this award can be light相关的主题文章: